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MAGFest Update

So, just a few quick updates before MAGFest this weekend.

First, if you didn’t know, the Guidebook is up and available for download.  MAGFest doesn’t have the traditional handbook, but the guide is hella useful.

Secondly, I currently have three panels confirmed – Punk’d Up (Thursday, 7pm), Top 10 Transformers Episodes (Friday, 4:30pm), and Simulating Game Mechanics in Literature (Saturday, 11:30am) – but there are a bunch more that I have been informally invited to.  We’ll see where those are and I’ll be posting them on Twitter as I confirm them.

Thirdly, I will try to make it to some other people’s panels for once.  X-Strike is back doing some stuff, Fat Gatsby’s work is always the highlight of the night, and Charles Dunbar may or may not be at MAGFest.

Fourthly, I will have a table…somewhere.  MAGFest has an absolutely massive merchant’s hall/dealers’ room/artist alley, and they are all smashed into one.  I’m not sure yet where my table is, but I’ll post pictures galore.

Fifthly, I am an old man, so I tend to go to sleep before midnight.  Please don’t be insulted if my table is closed down at 10 or 11pm (which in MAGFest parlance translates to ‘just when things are getting good’).  The flipside is I often open very early (like, 9-10am).  Sorry, I know these hours don’t jibe with the usual MAGFest experience but sleep is the love of my life.

Sixthly, as some of my Twitter followers know, the 2018 Anthologies had not shipped from the printers until this morning.  This morning, they shipped.  I paid more money than the annual GDP of some European nations to get the books overnighted, but I’m still being told the books will arrive on Friday.  For this reason, I’ve had them shipped to the convention center, not to me.  Anybody who has ever had books shipped ahead of them to a convention center knows what kind of a gamble this is.  I’ll keep y’all posted.  Just don’t be surprised if the 2018 Anthologies aren’t available for sale until Friday.

Seventhly, I will confirm that I run specials for people who bring copies of old books of mine.  So if you’ve got a copy of Crossworld or Ghee laying around, bring it and I’ll hook you up.

I think that’s it!  Come to MAGFest, check it out, and have an amazing time.  Make some friends, play some games, go to some panels, hear some music, buy some books, and rediscover what fun truly is.

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