Status Update

With Irma battering the United States, from Puerto Rico to Tennessee, I found it difficult to find much to write about it.  It’s kind of hard to discuss the nuances of character development or neat exercise tidbits I’ve been exploring when some people are struggling with life and livelihood.  Still, I wanted to write something, so I thought a quick project update might be in order.



My third novel with Caffeine & Ink, RocKaiju remains in development.  We’re at the copyediting stage and things are moving slowly, but well.  I am pushing to have RocKaiju available for Anime USA this December (more on that in a second), but that will involve hitting multiple subsequent benchmarks that are, shall I say, ambitious.  I think it is doable and my publisher does as well, so here’s to hoping.

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Teach The Sky…a new trick

So guess what do ya’ll think?

Over the weekend, my friend Matthew ‘MaHoneyBadger’ Mahoney helped me overhaul my site.  What was meant to be just a quick ‘how badly did I mess this up’ review turned into some major reworking.  I cannot thank Mahoney enough for his help and I encourage anyone who knows him to shower him with praise.  Or praise him for showering because the dude’s training to win American Ninja Warrior.

I’ll continue to whittle away at the site, fixing formatting problems and working on the various linking issues.  All of this is building up to, or at least towards, bringing serials back to the site.  That decision has yet to be fully made but I want the reasons to not do it to be personal/professional and not technical.

So yeah.  🙂

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Towards The Future

2017 is on the horizon, so I thought I’d talk a little about what I’ve got planned for it. I’m not one for New Years’ Resolutions so much as a set of projects and goals I will attempt to get completed. Typically I manage to get at least half the list done, so anybody want to start a pool on which projects actually make it? Here we go:

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Anime USA, this weekend!

Good morning!  This weekend, I will be in Washington DC for Anime USA!

I will be promoting my books (Rhest for the Wicked and Samifel), my monthly short stories, and pre-orders for my newest book, RocKaiju!

I have panels all weekend as well!

How The Meiji Era Created The Modern World, Friday at 8pm in Panels 5

Beginners’ Guide to Martial Arts, Saturday at 2pm in Panels 3 (prior experience not necessary, but bring some comfortable clothes to move in)

Top Ten Transformers Episodes, Saturday at 4pm in Panels 4 (covers Gen-1 through season one of Beast Machines)

Writing 101, Saturday at 8pm in Panels 3

Ten Best American Anime Series, Sunday at noon in Panels 3

I’ll also be about and around, saying hi and hanging out (and promoting my books).  Lots of fun stuff!  Please come to AUSA and say hi!