Serials & Stories

Short Stories

All short stories are available here, for free, in PDF format.  They’ve been gathered in three annual collections (links below) for 2017, 2018, and 2019.  2020, despite being a real bastard of a year, will be released…eventually.  We’re still figuring that one out.

Rhest and the CollectionNEW!!!
Robots Zeta Danger 07
Full Spectrum Life
Astrology Court 01
Team Demon, part 03
Art and Aliens
Rhest and the Music Festival (special MAGFest 2020 celebration)

2019 (available in collected format here)
Chip Masters, Ninja part 05
Legal Anomaly
Rhest and the Easy Job 
Space Station Seven 01
APTR Ghost Train
Robots Zeta Danger 05
Rhest and the Body County
Westerville, Kansas
Curse Registration and Upkeep Department
Music as Life – To Live and Die In LA
Rhest and the Polar Bear
Team Demon, chapter 01

2018 (available in collected format here)
Robots Zeta Danger 04
Block-Rockin’ Beats
Trial by Numbers
Second-hand Memories
Chip Masters, Ninja part 4
Rhest and the Trip Out East, part 2
Rhest and the Trip Out East, part 1
Music of Life – I Want to Be Sedated
Robots Zeta Danger 03
Blackhole Sun
Trouble with Letting Sleeping Legends Lie (RocKaiju one-shot)
Chip Masters, Ninja part 03

2017 (available in collected format here)
Noon with MARA
Robots Zeta Danger 02
Rhest and the Escort
Knights vs the KKK (Red Moon Rising one-shot)
Better the Devil you know
Wake Woke Awoken
Necromancer’s Human
Monster in the Closet
Rooftop Suicide
Gravity of Performance
Chip Masters, Ninja part 02
The Weird Ones Come Out on the Late Shift

Santa Claus Chanukah Visit (rerelease)
Rehab Nightmare
Infinite Space (re-release)
Sacrifical Placement Office (rerelease)
Rhest and the Gang Problem
GoTree 01
Robots Zeta Danger 01
Rhest and the Rapper’s Delight
Chip Masters, Ninja part 01
Near-Life Experience
Rhest and the Video Game Spirit

Who Is Elgin Morris

Teach The Sky Continuity

Series 02 – Red Moon Rising
Three groups trying to save the world clash over their conflicting ideals.
Red Moon Rising 10 of 30
Red Moon Rising 09 of 30
Red Moon Rising 08 of 30
Red Moon Rising 07 of 30
Red Moon Rising 06 of 30
Red Moon Rising 05 of 30     Red Moon Rising 15 of 30
Red Moon Rising 04 of 30     Red Moon Rising 14 of 30
Red Moon Rising 03 of 30     Red Moon Rising 13 of 30
Red Moon Rising 02 of 30     Red Moon Rising 12 of 30
Red Moon Rising 01 of 30     Red Moon Rising 11 of 30

Series 01 – New Phase
Siblings run for their lives as they try to unravel the mystery surrounding their mother’s invention.
New Phase 05 of 05
New Phase 04 of 05
New Phase 03 of 05
New Phase 02 of 05
New Phase 01 of 05

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