Anime Mid-Atlantic 2018

Fifteen years.

I’ve been a guest at Anime Mid-Atlantic for fifteen years.  Wow.

With my first appearance back in 2003, I’ve appeared every year since.  How mind-blowing.

It’s amazing to look back on my history at some conventions because during the weekend the con is running, time seems to fly by and also stand still.  It seems like you are melding into the past and the future and if you look hard enough, you’ll see yourself where you were and where you will be. Continue reading “Anime Mid-Atlantic 2018”


Final Transformation

After almost exactly two years ago and after close to 600 episodes, my review of the Transformers franchise is almost to an end.  Beginning on June 8th, 2015, I embarked on the quest to objectively review every episode of the Transformers franchise.  This was meant to expand the previous panel (of the same name) which only dealt with seasons one and two of the original cartoon (ostensibly known as Generation One).  Today, I have finished Transformers Prime, the most recent series to finish its run (and be made available for home viewing, my criteria for review).

It’s been an amazing process to watch the series change and evolve, often in step with the world around it.  I’ve written about the world that gave birth to the Transformers, how the characters and their development evolved, and more lessons in general to be taken from the process.  Yet I feel like there’s still more to be said and done regarding the franchise. Continue reading “Final Transformation”

Try It Again

I hated beans most of my life.  From about age 2 when I understand I was first offered beans, all the way into my very late 20s or even early 30s, I detested them with great passion.  I loathed all forms of beans, from simple black beans to chili to the southern staple of black-eyed peas to the unholiest of unholies, baked beans.

Then, sometime around 2010, I switched to the Slow-Carb Diet.  Conceived by Tim Ferriss, it leans heavily on beans (specifically all legumes).  Determined to give the diet a full try, I dove in head-first.  I bought a can of black beans and ate them.

Continue reading “Try It Again”

Escape Velocity

When I first learned of the Museum of Science Fiction, I was overjoyed.  As an indelible part of our culture, science fiction has made a lasting impact on the world we live in and the lives of each and every one of us.  Case in point, you are reading this now.  If I had a week, I doubt I could list off all the ways science and science fiction has, directly and indirectly, contributed to make that possible.  The Museum lacks a physical locale for now is a sadness, but that they host a regular event helps to remedy that.

Escape Velocity is the MoSF’s flagship event wherein they attempt to bridge the gulf between science and science fiction.  An effort to inspire fans into the fields of STEM study (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), it is also a celebration of all things that science fiction has done, both in the entertainment world and in inspiring the technological world. Continue reading “Escape Velocity”