The Tyranny of Fine Art

It probably comes as no surprise that I’m not the biggest fan of high art.

Oh, I like the good stuff, make no mistake.  Whether you are talking about Mozart or Rembrandt, I get the appeal.  I see it, hear it, appreciate it.  But I don’t consider high art to be all that.  And while I am well aware of the dangers and abuses of it, I think commercial at is vastly underrated. Continue reading “The Tyranny of Fine Art”


RavenCon 2018 Schedule

The official RVA schedule for RavenCon!
1pm – Ask a Scientist: Kids’ Edition
5pm – Geek Debates
10pm – Ask a (Mad) Scientist
11pm – Worlds of RVA: Rhest, RocKaiju, and Proton
11am – Steapunk is not Dead
All weekend, of course, there will be the table where copies of Proton, Rhest for the Wicked, Samifel, the 2017 Short Story Anthology, and RocKaiju (soft and hardback) will be available!

Marbles & Ready Player One

This past Sunday, I spoke at Marbles Museum here in Raleigh.  It was in conjunction with a showing of the new movie Ready Player One and it was in tandem with the esteemed Dr Cashman.  We were both speaking about the themes in Ready Player One, a tale about a young hero raised on 1980s culture who has to fight to save his world.

Dr Cashman spoke about 1980s art and culture and what helped to make it so unique (and did a wonderful job, especially the Name-That-Tune sequence).  From there, I dove into discussing just why corporate art exploded in the 1980s and how it helped to transform the world, but in very unexpected ways.

Continue reading “Marbles & Ready Player One”


Let’s have a moment of silence for the freedom to express, a freedom that is being taken away.

And the most vulnerable and the most in need will pay the price.

But at least the human body will be harder to see and appreciate.  At least human sexuality will be kept under tighter control and vilified further.

Today is not a good day for freedom, human nature, or expression.

I suppose, though, it is a good day for greed and oppression.