Thought Experiment

Here’s a thought experiment: how would you act if your opinion about something specific was reversed?

I don’t mean your opinion about general concepts, like freedom or movies or food.  I mean specific things.  How would you behave differently if you disliked the people you like, and liked the people you avoid?  How might you act if you hated those you loved?  How might you act if your favorite past times were things you wanted to avoid? Continue reading “Thought Experiment”


Tangible Future

I find myself often wondering just what is the future of physical goods.

Related to my post last week, I’ve found myself going through much of my physical collection and evaluating it.  I decided to confront my own hoarder-like mentality of hanging onto to every possible thing.  I’m by no means a hoarder in the true sense of the word but I confronted the truth that I had kept many things that I didn’t really want to keep. Continue reading “Tangible Future”

Addiction, Video Games, and Gamification of Toy Collecting

For the third time, I found myself addicted to a video game.

I’m a sucker for free-to-play games.  I dig the concept (essentially, pay what you want) and I think that commercial art – even highly monetizing commercial art – is still art.  Several of the games I’ve played have produced some really good stories and had some engaging characters, despite being free-to-play, pay-to-win, freemium, whatever your preferred term is. Continue reading “Addiction, Video Games, and Gamification of Toy Collecting”

Blog Post Cancelled

No blog post this week.  I’m taking my quarterly week-off a hiccup early due to injury and some other stuff (mostly good).  I hope you’re well and I’ll see you back here next week.  Hopefully I’ll have something fun to talk about, like the return of nonfiction work or how I’ve confirmed a new book release for MAGFest or how Robert Mueller has finally begun returning some sense of justice to the world or a new Top Ten list.

We’ll just have to wait and see.