Bigger Problems

In which RVA fears bigger issues…

Listening to NPR recently, I heard a presidential candidate talking about swaying voters.  I couldn’t tell you which of the two dozen candidates it was, but he didn’t wow me.  But he hit on something that troubled me greatly.  He was asked about ‘reaching Trump voters’.  Not a bad topic to ask a candidate, I suppose.  His answer, however started with an observation about Nixon.  He remarked that (and I’m paraphrasing), ‘when Nixon left office, he had 25% support.  So I think there’s about 25% of voters you just aren’t going to reach’.  He continued to talk about reaching the remaining voters, but I feel like we’re burying the lead here. Continue reading “Bigger Problems”

Conversational Standard

In which RVA talks to his cat about the world…

I had the most remarkable conversation with my cat the other day.

If you don’t have a cat, I’m not sure I can really impress upon you how rare good talks are with these little varmints.  Most cats are not good conversationalists.  They’re good for a few witty remarks and maybe a joke or two, especially at random.  Cats have great senses of humor.  But they aren’t really ones for more intense and serious intellectual diatribes.  That’s what I had. Continue reading “Conversational Standard”