Silent Night

                This past Thursday was Thanksgiving (at least, here in the United States). It’s a holiday of dubious origin, predicated on some very shaky historical tales, but whatever it’s beginnings, it’s now a day when the majority of the country shuts down and spends time with family and… Read More Silent Night

Re: Last Week

Well, fuck. A lot of people far more experienced than I are writing and talking and promoting ways to move forward from here.  All you need do is look around and you can find plenty of voices advocating responses.  I won’t bother being so redundant.  I will just share these few anecdotes: – My girlfriend… Read More Re: Last Week

Today’s Story Tomorrow

Hey, I’m sorry to delay matters but the short story that usually goes live the first Friday of the month will be delayed until tomorrow.  I’m having a formatting issue that is making uploading tricky.  The story will be here tomorrow, though.  Thanks for your patience!

The Trick

Two movie quotes I contemplate often are “You’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view” (Return of the Jedi) and “On a long enough timeline, the life expectancy for everyone drops to zero” (Fight Club). There are whole discussions to be had on… Read More The Trick

Anime USA

Anime USA was this past weekend.  It was a terrific time and I want to thank not only the staff for taking such good care of me and my fellow speakers but also to the fans who were overwhelmingly awesome.  I thought, rather than offer a typical write-up, let’s just hit the highlights:   Parking… Read More Anime USA