i’m not really sure what to write.  Trying to get back on the horse about posting regularly, I find myself unsure what to share. If I write about writing, I fear I’ll spoil surprises in upcoming books and short stories. If I write about exercise (another great passion of mine), I’ll bore those disinterested in… Read More Optimystic

New Short Story!

Sorry for the delays.  Computers and me have a contested relationship.  Or at least my laptop and me have one. In the Shorts & Serials section, you can find a new Rhest story, starring everybody’s favorite street merc from the novel Rhest for the Wicked (available now!).  This story is a little darker than most,… Read More New Short Story!

New Story!

And boy do I mean new.  This short story is part of a bunch of new stories that I’ve been baking on for a while.  I’m not sure where or how this franchise will go (or if), so that’s up to you.  Check out Zeta Danger, part one and see if you like it.  It’s… Read More New Story!

New Story!!!

As I sit to write this, it occurs to me that I could have done an April Fool’s joke.  But then I remembered pranks are basically bullying and that I typically want nothing to do with April Fools.  So, story time it is! This is actually a story I’ve been hoping to do for a… Read More New Story!!!

New Short Story!!!

The Return of Crossworld!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen…and then my actual readership…today marks the release of the first new Crossworld story in…good grief, six years? Yep, go check out the Stories & Serials page to find a new story entitled Playgrounds, Arcades, And Other Places Not Of This Universe.  This is the first installment of… Read More New Short Story!!!

New Article!

Sorry, I forgot to update back at MAGFest.  Partially because it was MAGFest and MAGFest is like heaven, only with more ravers and expensive food.  Mostly because I was still recovering from Katsucon which is like every Japanese meme rolled into one and given a bachelor’s degree in fun. I’m really tired.  The metaphors aren’t… Read More New Article!

New Story!

Check out Serials & Stories has a new story!  Check out a new short story about Alec Walters and how he first met Samifel, a precursor to Samifel (available here at Amazon or in print at Katsucon next weekend and MAGFest the following weekend). Check it out!