Active Shooter Training

At work this past week, I had an active shooter training.

Working for the government (in one of those nebulous departments that’s technically the state but really just the local branch of the federal government), it makes some sense to engage in these trainings.  Workplace dangers are, sadly, quite the reality.  And of course, the news – for better or for worse – showcases most public shootings so the perceived threat is in the air.  I was worried because the program was billed as a ‘drill’, which is something I have been through and don’t wish to go through again (but then, maybe that’s the point).

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Art as Life

Music is one of my major inspirations.  It’s one of the great loves of my life.  I listen to music at every chance I can get and devour everything put out by Overclocked Remix.  I’m friends with musicians and relish in the chance to hear them discuss music theory.

A big reason why music is so important to me is because it heavily influences my writing.  Not merely in helping me envision a scene or imagine the pacing of a story (or because I envision the music that would play to a theatrical trailer of one of my books!  Who does that?  *looks around nervously*).  I love music because it teaches me to write better.

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Mental Health Day

This past weekend and earlier week, I had a severe Depressive crash which is why there was no blog post on Tuesday.  I had to take a mental health day.

I use a capital D to distinguish it from a general malaise, feeling, or mood.  While one’s mood and emotional state is more serious than people often give credit too, what I’m discussing here is a clinically-recognized disease for which I am on medication and seeking therapy for.  I share this because there’s still (and likely will always be) a stigma attached to mental illness, especially the more amorphous and subtle kinds like Depression.

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New Story

New story for this fine March Friday.

I’m an avid physical culturalist (or gym rat, if you want to be a jerk about it), so new training always fascinates me.  Anytime new technology is brought into the realm of physical improvement, I’m always curious.  I think gravity-based training is a matter of when, not if, so I was curious just how it might be received when it finally comes along.

Check out one possible scenario in this month’s story, Gravity of Performance.  🙂