Reality of Idealism

In which RVA talks about not liking the beach…

So I have a confession to make: I kind of enjoy the quarantine.

Not the actual circumstances that are necessitating it.  Oh lordy, no.  No, I’m a public health professional.  I know why we’re quarantined, I know how it works, I know why it’s necessary, and I know what will happen if we don’t.  Hell, I have a pretty decent idea of what will happen even with us doing it (though not as many of us are doing it as we should). Continue reading “Reality of Idealism”

Happiness vs Pleasure

In which RVA jaws about Buddhist principles…

So I’m quarantined like everybody else.

As I write this, the nation-wide stay-in-place order is in effect.  By the time this is published, I’m not so sure what the state will be (which is really, really dumb).  But that’s another matter.

Somewhat unrelated (but only a little), I’ve deleted my gacha game a little over a week ago.  Gacha games are what most people think of when you say ‘mobile game’.  They’re simple little games that are meant to be played in bite-sized sessions throughout the day.  I was playing a really good game that really fixed a lot of the usual complaints about gacha games.  For anyone else, I would highly recommend it.  For me?  With my history of gaming addiction?  As well-made a game as it was, it was still too overwhelming. Continue reading “Happiness vs Pleasure”


In which RVA talks about learning at home…

Home-school and isolation are hot topics right now.  As I write this, they’re kind of mandatory, but a lot can happen between typing on a keyboard and hitting ‘post’ on a social media page.

More than a few people have been relying on the syllabi provided by scholastic programs.  And that’s a perfectly valid way to go.  No fault at all in going with a pre-made program.  But keep in mind there are more options available to you than merely grade-specific programs. Continue reading “Self-Learning”

Addicted to Hate

In which RVA contemplates white supremacy’s popularity…

Somewhere online recently, someone wrote to the effect of ‘historically speaking, white supremacy has always been popular.  That’s why we keep having to fight against it’.

Initially I dismissed the comment because I generally ignore white supremacy except when it comes to disdain, in which case I am happy to pile on.  The historical origins of bigotry don’t interest me.  I get why they interest some people, and I don’t doubt the importance of studying those origins.  But for me, I’m comfortable with saying ‘Nazis are bad’ and leaving it at that.  I have little interest in differentiating between Nazis and KKK and other white supremacists.  Choosing between poisons still ends with you dead. Continue reading “Addicted to Hate”