Less Than Meets The Eye

Watching all of Transformers is going to kill me.

I’ve been working on a convention panel called ‘Top Ten Episodes of Transformers’.  In it, I discuss the ten best episodes of the long-running franchise, starting with the original 1984 cartoon, up to the current series.  Watching episodes sequentially, I’ve made it up to 2002’s Transformers Armada, looking to complete it sometime next week.  This has included all of Gen-1, the Japanese series (Headmasters, Supergod Masterforce, Victory), Beast Wars & Beast Machines, and 2001’s Robots in Disguise.  If you don’t know what any of that means, just suffice to say that it’s a lot of cartoons.

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Emotional Is Not Shameful

I’m helping two people cut weight right now.  One is an aspiring MMA fighter, the other is a pre-diabetic office worker.  In both cases, my recommendations are almost the same.  80% identical.  The remaining 20% are just slight, nuanced differences.  And yet, the they’re both struggling very differently…for the same reasons.

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New Stories and Old Delays

I came up with a new series of stories yesterday.  I did it by writing utter crap that I knew was terrible.

By setting a word minimum for writing, I sometimes find myself with days where the inspiration isn’t there and I don’t have any notes to work with.  I basically have no idea what to write, have no inspiration to write, but still got make it happen.  So I dove in and started writing a completely new story, just making it up as I went.  New characters, new premise, etc.  And it was crap.  Total and complete crap.

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New Story

So it would seem my automatic update…didn’t.  I’m sorry about that.  I’ve been using WordPress for almost two years now and I’m still figuring the bloody thing out.  All the tutorials and help in the world can only do so much for a neanderthal who sees computers as basically glorified typewriters.

This month’s update may end up being a little controversial, but it’s a story of some personal significance to me.  It’s brief but I find it hopeful and I hope a few others may find it hopeful as well.


New Child?

I rescued an abandoned kitten this morning on my way to work. Just as I walked into my building, I noticed a tiny little kit in the mulch by the road. If it rolled over twice, it would be in the street. So tiny, it’s weren’t even open. It can’t even stand.

No sign of her mother, I picked it up. After a quick explanation to my boss (along with the requisite oohing and ahhing by my coworkers), I brought it to the vet and then brought it home. We’re going to explore options with finding its home or keeping it. Despite having several cats, I just can’t see sticking it in a kennel or pound.

My cats keep wondering into the room with a ‘what’s that smell?’ sort of glare. They’ve slowly found the little critter and GLARED. Oh lord, you would have though I deprived them dinner, they’re glaring so hard.

I’m not sure what would compel a mother cat to abandon her kit, though I know it does happen. In some ways, I would almost rather than. The alternative is that it was abandoned by a human, which is a breech of responsibility I just can’t stand.

I generally care for animals more than humans. And right now, I have a new kit that needs some care.