Thanksgiving Prep

Like most Americans, I am preparing for Thanksgiving this Thursday.

Like most holidays, the origins of Thanksgiving are dubious at best.  What was meant as a show of decency between equals turned into a precursor for one of the worst exterminations in world history.  Even today, looking at how Thanksgiving is celebrated, we see plenty of evidence of the cultural appropriation and rampant racism from which it spawned.  The purpose at times for holiday itself has changed, shifting from an alternative form of Christmas to a secular day of gratitude to an observance of a questionable historical event.

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Junk Drawer

Next week is my quarterly week off, when I don’t train, write, draw, etc.  I go to work, I do the minimum of cleaning, and I try to rest.  It’s good for the mind, it’s good for the body, it’s good for the soul, and it’s definitely good for the joints.

The problem is that I’m not done with my work.  I’ve got several projects that are lingering to address.  Now, it won’t be the end of the world if they spill over into the next week, but I really do try to protect that time.  Rest isn’t laziness, it isn’t the opposite of hard work; it is a part of hard work.  Anybody who espouses going 100% all the time is on something harmful.


Go vote.

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Cultural Literacy

Superhero movies have been the hot new thing in Hollywood for roughly a decade, pretty much since Iron Man came out in 2008.  Prior to that, we had some stellar precursors like Spider-man, X2, Blade (which really doesn’t get enough credit), and contentiously Ang Lee’s Hulk.  However, we’ve had some outliers that transcend the genre, like 1989’s Batman and the 1977 Superman (which remains one of the best movies ever made, superhero genre or no).

See, Batman and Superman are unlike most other superheroes (excepting maybe Spiderman).  They aren’t JUST comic book characters; they are cultural icons.  DC characters seem to lend themselves to cultural standard thanks to the ‘Gods Amongst Us’ type characters they typically involve, as opposed to Marvel’s ‘Everyman Hero’.  Batman is pretty much universally known in the wider culture, but Superman especially is the most recognizable pop culture icon in the west, maybe the world.  Need proof?  Look at how often he is spoofed, parodied, visually referenced, or insinuated.

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Exercising Literature

The more I write (going on over three decades now, if you can believe that – and boy, sometimes I don’t), and the more I exercise (two and a half decades), I realize how much I learn about a character from their training program.  You know how some readers and viewers pick up a lot of details about a character by their zodiac or their blood type (that’s more of an anime thing)?  I’m like that with training.

It says a lot about a person if they prefer calisthenics (bodyweight stuff like parkour or gymnastics), weights (barbells and dumbells), or more esoteric tools (kettlebells, weighted bats, rocks, etc).  Likewise, it says a lot about how they train.  Lots of variety?  Lots of reps?  Lots of sets?  Fast or slow tempo?  Full range of motion or something partial?

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