MAGFest Schedule

We are just a week and a few days from MAGFest!

The official schedule is go and my panel schedule is, officially:

Thursday – 7:00 PM – Punk’d Up – Panels 4 (Annapolis 1-3)

This will be a fast-paced overview of punk-related genres: Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Gothic Punk, and others.  We’ll be talking about important works and figures in the genre, style over substance, and other affairs as we explore this surprisingly enduring sub-genre of fiction and art.

Friday – 4:30 PM – Top Ten Episodes of Transformers – Panels 2 (Woodrow Wilson Ballroom)

Gen-1 through Cyberverse and everything in between, this panel looks at the entirety of the Transformers television franchise and finds the absolute ten best episodes across its thirty-five year history.

Saturday – 11:30 AM – Simulating Game Mechanics in Literature – Panels 4 (Annapolis 1-3)

There’s more to capturing the spirit of a game than just calling a sword by a specific name.  What appeals to gamers about a gaming franchise may not be immediately evident and when writers want to help capture that feel, whether they be best-sellers or aspiring fanfictionists, knowing how to effectively and succinctly simulate game mechanics can make a good story into a near-canonical part of the fandom.

Other appearances may occur, you never know.  And I will of course be manning my table as well.  I hope to see you there!

2018 Short Story Anthology


The 2018 Short Story Anthology is available for pre-order!

Print editions will be available at MAGFest, as well as copies of Rhest for the Wicked, Samifel, RocKaiju, Proton, and the 2017 Anthology.  I’ll be selling them as well as bundles just for MAGFest. Continue reading “2018 Short Story Anthology”

Winter’s Bite

I spent the last two days snowed in with my family.  It was glorious.

Here in North Carolina, we had a record snowfall (and if it wasn’t a record, sweet mercy, what nightmarish hell happened previously?!).  We got all of winter in one night.  It was kind of insane.  And fun.  At least at our house.  We threw logs into the fireplace, dug under blankets, pulled unwitting cats into snuggling range, and watched the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition.  A few times, I went out to walk the dog.  I said hi to some local deer and fed them some bread (yes, I know, bread isn’t the best thing for them, but shut up, it’s all we had).

I found myself thinking that this was the absolute best way to spend a snowstorm.  Luxury, bordering on decadence. Continue reading “Winter’s Bite”