Convention Anouncement – MAGClassic

New convention appearance announced! I will be appearing at MAGClassic this September in Alexandria Virginia.
If you haven’t been to MAGFest at the start of the year, MAGClassic (or MAGFest 8.5 as it’s also called) is a great opportunity to dive into the MAGFest experience without quite the size of the flagship convention. If you have been to MAGFest, then MAGClassic is a great ‘second dose’ of the awesomeness. Or a chance to experience what MAGFest was like just as it was picking up steam, turning from the regional Music And Gaming venue that it started as and becoming the national video game powerhouse.
MAGFest holds a special place in my heart because it was the first convention I was a guest at, and it forms the cornerstone of my convention schedule. On top of that, it was and is an absolute blast.
If you get the chance, come check out MAGClassic. I will be there, promoting Rhest for the Wicked (as well as having copies of my new book, Samifel) and maybe even a few more surprises. There will be panels (check out my Conventions page for more details) and generally be an absolute blast. Listen to music, play games, hang out, and have fun.
See you there!

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