Thanks For The Memories

Anime Mid-Atlantic was a blast. I want to thank everyone who made it so, because the weather sure wasn’t cooperating. This year’s event was a trying time with the heatwave that struck Chesapeake. What, last year was the spot to be (the outdoor tents), was a nightmare this year. Both con staff and the hotel staff did their absolute best to make the situation better and, for my part, they succeeded. The AMA staff has always been amongst the best in the convention industry and this year, they really proved their stuff.
                As for the attendees, I likewise want to thank them for enduring the heat to make it to the panels. ‘Intro to Japanese Cuisine’ and ‘Video Game Weapons as Characterization’ were both a lot of fun, as always (one day, I’m going to cook free samples at the Japanese Cuisine panel!). Video Game Addiction was a sobering but thankfully pleasant discussion about modern games, especially Free-to-Play games. I was delighted at how well received the ‘Are The X-men Sentai?” panel was received. It turned into a revamp of my classic ‘Defining Anime’ panel and I was delighted that everybody enjoyed it and brought such good questions.

                I was especially delighted at the turnout for the ‘Meet Robert V Aldrich’ panel. Not technically one of my panels but a Haven Publishing House panel, I was delighted, humbled, and surprised at the turnout. A lot of people were very curious about Samifel, about a possible sequel to Rhest for the Wicked (yes, one is in the works), and even some fun questions about Crossworld. It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of those panels and I was touched by the turnout.

                All in all, it was a great convention. I want to thank AMA for taking such good care of me, and for the fans for the enthusiastic support and turn-out.

I hope to see you all next year.

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