New Episode Is Live

There are a couple of new sections now available.  The Articles Page is where I’ll be linking to articles that I’ve written for other sites.  Right now, I only have my most recent, an essay I wrote for The Modest Proposal about periodicals that have influenced us.  Definitely check out all the articles in The Modest Proposal, because they’re all very awesome.

But as for local news, the first episode of my new serial New Phase has gone live.  You can check it out here, or on the Serials Page.

For the moment, I will be updating new episodes of my serials the first Friday of every month.  That will likely change as I build up a stronger backlog and confirm that I can maintain this production rate.

There’s a lot of excitement happening right now, a lot of big things in the works.  Stay turned for more updates!  🙂

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