New Short Story!!!

The Return of Crossworld!!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen…and then my actual readership…today marks the release of the first new Crossworld story in…good grief, six years?

Yep, go check out the Stories & Serials page to find a new story entitled Playgrounds, Arcades, And Other Places Not Of This Universe.  This is the first installment of an on-going series of short stories that are set prior to the start of Crossworld (my first novel).  In this installment, we meet Chip Masters a full decade before Crossworld even begins, back when he lived in California.

The prequel ends on a cliffhanger, but there’s more to come.


In other news, I want to thank everybody (again!) for coming out to Katsucon and MAGFest.  The panels were a big success and the interest in Rhest for the Wicked and Samifel was overwhelming.


In other-other news, I published a new article on Btchflicks about interracial relationships in anime.  If you’re an anime fan, give it a read.  And check out the rest of Btchflicks’ offerings.  Lots of good stuff!

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