End of Social Media?

Some of you may have noticed a slight lull in activity around here of late.

Over the past two weeks, my activity online has dwindled greatly.  It culminated on Monday of last week when I resolved to not get ‘on-line’ for the remainder of the week.  I say online because I still got onto the internet, the world wide web, the information superhighway, etc.  But I did so for work exclusively.  I didn’t engage on social media at all recreationally and I curbed all efforts to look up things on Wikipedia, Google things, tool around on Youtube, etc.  I spent as much of my day as I could without so much as checking my email.

And you know what?  It was great. Continue reading “End of Social Media?”


Cobra Kai

I assume you all have heard about the new series on Youtube?  It’s a continuation of the original Karate Kid Trilogy.  It’s been kind of a big deal in some of the circles I travel in.  Against my better judgment, I decided to get a YouTube Red subscription to watch it.  I do not regret it.

I’ve never been a big Karate Kid fan.  I enjoyed the first movie a lot, and the subsequent movies with decreasing interest.  I never even saw the most recent one.  This series does raise several questions, though? Continue reading “Cobra Kai”

Convention Prep

As you may know, I will be at Escape Velocity at the end of the month, principally to help celebrate the release of LG Ransom’s new book, Legend of Hollin.  This week’s post is going to be a bit short because A) last week was Infinity War and one must have one’s priorities straight, B) work is crazy, and C) Escape Velocity is proving to be quite the new breed of show.

I’ve been doing cons for quite a while now and they all are a little bit different.  Each con has its own unique characteristics, quirks, and what-have-you.  But they do tend to fall into some predictable parameters.  Anime cons, for example, have a whole host of traits in common that they don’t share with comic book conventions.  Literary cons are almost an entirely different breed from video game conventions. Continue reading “Convention Prep”

RavenCon, and know who you’re talking to

                RavenCon concluded.  It was an incredibly chaotic weekend, with ups and downs.  While the weekend didn’t go even close to how I think anyone imagined it, I will say unequivocally, it was a net-positive experience.  The Geek Debates were an especial highlight but the con as a whole was a damn-fine weekend.  Definitely a con to keep tabs on and attend if you ever get the chance.

                For me, it was a bit of a home-coming.  I got to see some dear friends I haven’t seen in ages, and also the chance to simply be at a literary convention.  Literary cons are quite different from anime/comic book/video game conventions that have been my world of late.  Not only do the attendees tend to skew a bit older, but they also tend to skew a bit more rowdy.  Sure, tweens at an anime con might take over a hallway just lounging around but forty-somethings at a literary con are going to have a sing-a-long.  You haven’t lived until you’ve been present for a hallway full of librarians and professors singing Never Gonna Give You Up in the original Sindarin.  But I digress.

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