The Ever-lengthening To-Do List

Living in North Carolina, when snow comes, life comes to a grinding halt.  In a supposedly temperate climate, snow is a rare occurrence most of the time.  We get flurries every few years but a hard snow isn’t a reliable ordeal.  As such, when snow hits, it can take us a few days to recover.

Add to this the dawn of the near year, and having just come off of MAGFest and the publication of three books, I feel like the groundhog who is supposed to take a look around next Friday.

And lo, do we find the To-Do List.

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Star Wars and Fears for the Future

I’m watching a lot of what’s swirling around with Star Wars right now with some real fear and even disappointment.  I watched Last Jedi when it first came out and, on a whole, loved it.  I’m not a big Star Wars fan at all (Live Long and Prosper), but I do love the franchise.  I even found some merit in a few spots in the Prequel Trilogies.  Like damn-near everyone in the modern world, I grew up on these movies and the story of Darth Vader, Luke and Leia Skywalker, and Han Solo, is formative to me.

What I don’t get is why these news movies are a problem.  Force Awakens was a delightful return to form and Last Jedi was, as ‘Movie’ Bob Chipman put it, ‘an earnest love letter to Star Wars fans’.  Seriously, if you aren’t watching his stuff, go check it out.  Yet many a fan of the franchise takes umbridge with whole swaths of it, if not flat-out renouncing it.  There’s a petition to have it stricken from canon.  There’s even an edited version that cuts out all the female characters (I refuse to refer to it as a fan-edit; no fan could make something like that).  Insanity. Continue reading “Star Wars and Fears for the Future”

Busy or Productive?

Day Two of 2018.  Exciting, isn’t it?  Did you make any New year’s Resolutions?  How many of y’all have already been to the gym?  How many of you have already missed a session at the gym?  No worries at all, it happens.

I do want to address one small issue, a common problem with New Year’s Resolutions, and goal-setting in general.  That is mistaking work, effort, being busy, with being productive. Continue reading “Busy or Productive?”