More Fun Combined

So, I don’t want to exaggerate or hyperbolize, so I’ll just leave it the Transformers Combiner Wars toyline is the greatest line of toys ever conceived in the history of humanity.  In my long history of being a Transformers fanboy and a general toy aficionado, I cannot think of any single toyline that had as many features and as much potential as this toyline.  If you aren’t familiar with it, I weep for the sunless world that you inhabit because oh sweet mercy, is it good.

For just a bit of backstory, the Transformers is about alien robots who can change from humanoid robots into vehicles.  The initial run of characters were strictly Earth vehicles like cars and jets, but pretty soon dinosaurs and insects and spaceships were introduced. Continue reading “More Fun Combined”


There’s A Hurricane Tonight

I love hurricanes.

Growing up in North Carolina, hurricanes are the big thing in the area.  The west coast has earthquakes, the center states have tornadoes, Hawai’i has tsunami, but the east coast – specifically the southern states – have hurricanes.  We grow up with respect for and fear of the hurricane.  It’s a yearly ritual, an observance that demands participation even from the most casual of practitioners.

It’s also educational. Continue reading “There’s A Hurricane Tonight”

New Short Story!

Criminal Justice is an ever-evolving field and the new story explores one option, where repeat offenders aren’t always put in jail or fined, but fitted with monitors so their own experiences can be used to judge their further actions.  Ayman Shedani is just such a monitor, but he finds out even being a small cog in a big machine can have its dangers.

Second-hand Memories is live in the Serials & Stories section!

Learn, Love, Live

Rather unexpectedly, I’ve found myself learning two new skills recently and it is has been exceptionally educational.  I’ve begun learning about cars, and I’ve begun studying Kempto-Jutsu.

Just shut up and do it

I’ve never been a car person.  I’ve never cared much about cars, nor how to maintain them.  I can change oil, change tires, and change headlights, but anything beyond that is beyond me.  Likewise, how a car looks hasn’t ever registered with me.  I generally thought of automotive wax as aesthetic only.  And unless it effects fuel economy, I didn’t concern myself much with aesthetics.  I mean, sure Charges look dope as hell and most Lamborghinis are so badass, they’re classified as a sin in at least three major religions.  But otherwise?  Meh. Continue reading “Learn, Love, Live”

John McCain, 1936-2018

Odds are, you’re aware that the US Senator from Arizona, John McCain, passed away over the weekend.  It was announced through social media that he was discontinuing his medical treatment of brain cancer, and then shortly thereafter, his passing was announced.

His passing was largely been heralded as sad, and it is.  Some people have used the word ‘tragedy’, which I think is a little off.  For a man of his age, and with an inoperable brain tumor, it seems less tragic and more inevitable.  But then, that a death can be seen as inevitable may be in and of itself tragic.  Still, any death is worthy of respect and reflection. Continue reading “John McCain, 1936-2018”