There is hope

In which RVA talks about why to be hopeful, now more than ever…

In the past few weeks, you could be forgiven for thinking society was unraveling.  Fires, protests, abuses.  It can seem terrifying.

But the thing is, this isn’t society collapsing: it’s society changing.  And where there is change, there is discomfort and even pain.  But there is opportunity.  And where there is opportunity, there is hope.

Write elected officials.  The more local, the better.  Sure, your senators might not listen but you’d be amazed at how responsive a governor can be.  A state representative.  A mayor.  School board.  The closer to the ground, the more effect it can have.  And if you don’t think writing the school board will have an effect, remember they decide what kids learn and how they learn it.  Telling them to use good text books instead of shoddy ones can make a huge difference right there.

That’s another trick to it all: try to be specific.  Writing and saying ‘this needs to change’ is good.  Excellent, even.  But if you can say ‘vote for House Bill 123’, it can be a lot clearer.  And a lot more effective.  Because you aren’t just telling them what to do, you are telling them how you are measuring their effectiveness and responsiveness.

It’s a scary time, yes.  But there’s cause to be hopeful.

Very hopeful.

Black Lives Matter

In which RVA stays silent…

Its been really hard to engage in social media interactions, to produce or promote works of art, in the current climate.  When civilization as we know it is on the precipice of a reckoning long overdue, it seems a tad tactless to say ‘hey, who wants to read about some robots?’.

I get why some people have continued to promote and share their art during this time, and I don’t begrudge them that one bit.  Compassion fatigue is real, and you have to consider your emotional reserves.  Entertainment and distraction are often overlooked and neglected aspects of survival, both long-term and immediate.

But I don’t feel right doing it.

The radio silence will end and I will resume chattering about books and stories and fiction and all that.  But for now, I’m choosing to remain silent and listen.

Minnesota Riots

In which RVA reminds you to remember your training…

The disconnect between what people enjoy and what they want always surprises me.  And frankly, troubles me.

Right now, as I write this, Minneapolis Minnesota is the cite of riots connected to the shooting of George Floyd.  The municipal and state police have been mobilized, as have the national guard.  Politicians and social activists are chiming in.  Marching.  Chanting.  Looting.  Rioting.  Arrests.  You know the deal.  You’ve seen this movie before. Continue reading “Minnesota Riots”

Who is Harris Teeter, anyway?

In which RVA gripes about grocery shopping…

I hate grocery stores.

I like food (who doesn’t?!) and I like cooking, but I hate grocery stores.  I don’t mind the idea of a store where you go to get food.  It’s grocery stores specifically as they exist in most American cities that I can’t stand.

Why?  Well, I’m glad you asked that, hypothetical person. Continue reading “Who is Harris Teeter, anyway?”