Writing’s Side-Hustle

In which RVA talks about writer vs author…yet again…

I struggle a lot with the professional side of writing, versus the artistic side.  For those who have seen me speak at conventions on this topic, know that I distinguish between being an author (a paid professional) and being a writer (a literary artist).  I like to keep those two things separate and distinct because, well being successful at one does not equate success at the other (though they can be tied together, and one tends to suggest at least some success of the other).

Writing in this day and age is a complicated profession that involves not just story development but also literary acumen and grammatical ability, but also cultural awareness and social knowledge.  But that’s just the construction of the manuscript.  When you get into developing the book, you often also must as well scout talent, negotiate prices, and arrange additional work with editors, copyeditors, artists, and others.  Then, once the book is done, things get really harried.  Then, you get to promoting. Continue reading “Writing’s Side-Hustle”

Art and Context

In which RVA talks about where art comes from…

How important is context when it comes to art?

I noticed a comment on one of the Youtube videos of my convention panels.  The comment bemoaned my ‘sociopolitical injection’ at the beginning of a panel on American Anime.  I’m not much of a commenter, especially on places like Youtube, but I felt compelled to point out that it wasn’t a throwaway diatribe but it was meant to give context for the panel and the points I was making. Continue reading “Art and Context”

Right to Privacy?

In which RVA discusses privacy in the modern age…

I had a recent discussion online about whether a person should change her social media handle to include her real last name.  Her reasoning was that she is from a minority background and wanted to help bring attention and awareness, as well as just generally express pride in her heritage.  Cool.

I advised against her doing so.  I told her, as I’ve told family members, that I don’t consider it a good idea to use one’s real name in connection with social media.  ‘But Robert’, some of you are probably saying, ‘isn’t your user handle on just about everything your name?’

Yes, it is.  And I regret that. Continue reading “Right to Privacy?”