Curiosity and Its Results

Today, I want to talk to you about lymph vessels, exercise, and action figures.

Recently, it was discovered/confirmed that the brain and the meninges appear to have their own lymphatic vessels.  If you aren’t up on the anatomical terms, the lymphatic system removes waste from the body and is often paired with the cardiovascular system (arteries and veins).  In fact, because the lymphatic system is so closely tied to the veins (which return blood to the heart), it is a common misconception that veins are what remove waste.

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What Comes Next?

Sometime back, I was hanging out with some fellow writers, discussing some of the truly abhorrent sides of literature.  Not the awful or the shocking, but the just objectively terrible.  The Asylum Films of literature.  The books like ‘My Lover is a T Rex’ or ‘Take by my Vacuum Cleaner’.  I’m not sure if these titles are fake or not, to be honest.  These books are every bit as insane as they sound and there are a metric ton of them.

So, we were goofing off and contemplating writing a few of these ourselves (because, holy hell, do they sell!).  Writers, even top-shelf writers, make a lot less than you might realize and cashing in isn’t something sell-outs do, it’s something all of us want to get in on at least a little bit.  One idea we batted around, one that got to be too insane for words was a love (…wink, wink…) story where a woman is impregnated by politics.

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New Rhest Short Story!!!

A new short story involving Rhest (from Rhest for the Wicked) is live in the Serials & Stories section.  Or you can just check it out here.

Sex work comes up occasionally in my stories, not so much because I favor it but because it is heavily stigmatized and vilified when it shouldn’t be.  The real-world realities of sex workers and those involved in the sex professions is complicated (and often ugly), but the field itself and those who work within it do not deserve dismissal and derision.  They deserve support, respect, though sadly they most deserve help.

Sex work is work, with all the problems (and more) that go with any exploited and vilified field.

Thoughts on Thoughts & Condolences

It is on days like today that I’m never sure what to say.  Between the bombardment of hurricanes, the mass shootings, tragedy after tragedy, it seems hard to know where to begin.  Conveying sympathy seems like a default, to the point that is seems to have become meaningless.  It’s been a long time since I was one of those effected by true disaster, so perhaps I am just callous to what those words mean when they aren’t directed at me.  All the same, I feel like ‘our condolences’, ‘our thoughts’, etc, have become so much rote noise.  They have become societal obligations.  They are requirements.

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Conventional versus the Avant-garde

In the early 2000s, when web comics really began to take off, a lot of commentators and armchair critics began to speculate why they were so appealing.  As I came into my artistic identity at that time, web comics had a profound impact on how I viewed the world (artistically and socially, which probably says a lot about me).  As such, I paid a lot of attention to these discussions.

One issue was the democracy of availability.  Thanks to net neutrality (something that has been and continues to be under attack, but thankfully is still in place at this moment), anybody could post a web comic.  So long as people had reasonable internet access, they could read the comic.  Distribution became instantaneous and universal (or as far as the internet reached at least).  There was no issue of shelf space limitations, production costs, sales minimums, any of that.  Draw pictures, post online, and boom.  Instantly available.  Now, available and successful are too very different things (as evidenced by the failed comics), but that’s another discussion. Continue reading “Conventional versus the Avant-garde”