In which RVA counts sheep…

How much sleep do you get?

I get the impression I’m very fortunate to sleep adequately.  I tend to go to bed about 10pm and I wake up at 5:30am.  7.5 hours, that’s not bad, right?  I wouldn’t say I wake up feeling refreshed and rested every day, but I wake up without much trouble most days.  Neither my alarm nor my cats really startle me most of the time.  I also have gone to great lengths to secure a napping space during the day.  Working in an office, it’s harder than it used to be, but I get a quick twenty-minute nap in every day.  I set my alarm for twenty-three minutes, but I’m usually out at within that first three. Continue reading “Slumber”

Ninja Love Story

In which RVA compares ninja couples…

A fan sent me a message the other day, asking if there was a connection between my third book, Ghee, and my current on-going series, Chip Masters, Ninja.  I told her that the short and is ‘no’, they are totally unrelated.  The long answer is…well, then I started thinking about it.

Narratively, the two stories are unrelated.  They take place in different worlds/universes/whatever the designation du jour is.  Ghee and Hatsumi were not part of Kageryu’s network.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Narratively, they are unrelated.

Stylistically?  That’s a bit trickier. Continue reading “Ninja Love Story”

Five-Year Plan

In which RVA shares some goals…

So now that it’s officially 2020, I feel like it’s time to discuss goals.  Goals I’ve set, and goals I am setting.  Goals are dreams and ambitions for which you have an actual plan to reach, so let’s talk goals.

When it comes to goals, I prefer to make them specific.  At conventions, I’ve often made a connection between fitness and video games.  In truth, fitness informs a lot of my thinking.  And when it comes to exercise and training, knowing what you want to accomplish and achieve is paramount for figuring out how to get there.  It’s part of why I don’t care for terms like ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ because of how vague they are.  I’d much rather talk about how to lift a certain amount of weight, how to maintain a level of energy, or how to lower bodyfat a little bit. Continue reading “Five-Year Plan”