Serials and Novels

Before anything else, I want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who read Knights 01 when it went live this Friday. Thank you to everyone who sent me emails and messages, telling me you enjoyed it. Thank you to everyone for your continued to support. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to hear from you. Thank you.

Secondly, on to some business, we’re still waiting to hear from the printer about Rhest for the Wicked’s print edition. I know a lot of people would rather read a hard-copy than an ebook (I’m one of them). The continued delays in the print edition is frustrating, but it’s an unfortunate downside to working with a small press (one downside among so many upsides). I’ve been in touch with my publisher and we’re staying on t of this.
Without going into details, the simple answer is that printing is not an easy thing. It isn’t like running out to Kinkos, xeroxing a few copies, and then posting them for sale. Or, at least, it isn’t that easy if you want the process to be both sustainable and functional. And quality. A lot of small presses sign with the cheapest or easiest printer they can find, get their books run off no questions asked and discovers spines that won’t endure more than a few readings, covers that fade on bookshelves, and a host of little hiccups that come from not being careful. My publisher is careful. And I signed with them specifically for this level of quality control. The delays are frustrating but I’d rather a delayed book that’s excellent quality than a subpar book that falls apart while it’s being read. So don’t worry; Rhest will be on book shelves soon.

Other books are in the pipeline and a lot is underway. The back-half of the year is always a little quieter because we’re gearing up for the holidays and the Spring convention schedule. There’s a lot in the works that I’m looking forward to announcing in the next few months. So stick around. 🙂

And thank you again.

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