X-Strike Studios, in memorium

After eleven years, X-Strike Studios is closing its doors. You may have heard of them recently, or you may be a longtime fan.  Or you may never have heard of them.  That’s one of the struggles with being an independent artist.  Sometimes some of the best work goes unnoticed. I don’t hesitate to apply the termContinue reading “X-Strike Studios, in memorium”

Tools of the Imagination — NES Power Glove

Power Glove  The Holiest Of The Holy Mattel, Nintendo Accessories Line, 1989     Okay, I know what you’re saying: ‘But Robert, the Power Glove isn’t exactly a toy.  It was a peripheral for the Nintendo Entertainment System’.  And I’ll respond by making three points.  One, I was looking for a non-Hasbro toy in myContinue reading “Tools of the Imagination — NES Power Glove”

God of War vs Game of Thrones

A tweet can start a war, make no mistake. Since I follow anime anthropologist and geek-academia god Charles Dunbar (and boy, you really should be too), I saw his retweet of the postulate by @TheifofHearts that “Game of Thrones is a mature fantasy, not because of the sex and violence.  God of War is notContinue reading “God of War vs Game of Thrones”