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No More Knights

Knights is getting renamed, as Red Moon Rising.

Yeah, I know it’s a little weird to rename a story that just started, and is itself a renamed reboot of a series from over a decade ago.  But after consulting with some business experts in preparation for the next round of series, novels, and books, it was decided that a more distinctive name was needed for business purposes.

And for narrative purposes as well.  While I think Everett and the other knights are a lot of fun, the story in’t about them alone.  It is about the knights, but also Marilyn and the World Alliance, as well as the intrigue inside Solaritec and the Brotherhood of the Sun.  It seemed inaccurate to name the story after only one-third of the players in question.

So I repurposed the title of Teach The Sky’s sequel series, Red Moon Rising.  Does that mean RMR won’t be rereleased?  Not at all.  Alan Vick’s story will be told, but it’ll get a new title as well.  For now, the story will continue as it has, only under a slightly new banner.

This is all to help facilitate the print release of the serials.  The plan is still in pre-production, but I am currently hoping to release New Phase, and maybe book one of Red Moon Rising, this holiday season.  I’m hoping to include art work as well as expand and revise the story so that the novel versions are ‘extended editions’ of a sort.  The serials will still be available on the website, though perhaps on some sort of rotating basis.  I don’t know; we’re still feeling that out.  All I can so for certain right now is that we are looking for you to be able to hold print copies of these series in your hand.

More on that as we get closer.  But for now, feel free to catch up on episodes 01 and episode 02 of Red Moon Rising.


Final Episode Is Live!

The final episode of New Phase has gone live!  Check out episode 05 here, or you can find it on the Serials & Stories page, and learn what becomes of Shotaro, Miya, and Eric.

Next month, we’ll be starting a new serial as well as a new updating schedule.  I’ll be updating with new fiction twice a month (1st and 3rd Fridays of each month) so please check back to see the new serial.


New Episode Is Live!

Hey, gang!  Episode Four of New Phase is live!  Go check it out and see what Shotaro and Miya, and their new friend Eric, are up to as they try to get to the bottom of Eighty-Four Industries’ plot for the Kodana Shofter.

Once again, I must apologize for the delay on this.  Losing a laptop and several months worth of work is no small set back.  I’ve been frantically trying to rewrite and recreate this and the final episode which I am hoping against hope to have ready on schedule for next Friday (the 4th).

After New Phase is complete, I have (or will have) a new serial lines up and ready to go.  I am looking to switch to twice-a-month updating, which will hopefully help the serials flow a little more smoothly.  Also, the next serial will be considerably longer, currently slated at three ten-episode segments.  So look for that in August.

Sorry again for the delay, everyone!  Thanks for your patience!


New Story!

Hey guys.  Words cannot express how much I hate to say this but there’s no new episode of New Phase today.  I’m afraid the troubles I mentioned previously include access to my own writing.  I won’t go into details, but suffice to say that I hope I’ll be able to upload New Phase 04 sometime soon and get back on track for the July finale.  Here’s to hoping!  🙂

In the meantime, I didn’t want to miss the update so here’s a creepy little story that I wrote for today.  It’s not New Phase and it’s a little dark but I hope it will be a fun read and at least tide you over until the next episode of New Phase goes live.  So please check out Who Is Elgin Morris? in the (newly renamed) Serials & Stories page.

Thanks, guys!  🙂