No More Knights

Knights is getting renamed, as Red Moon Rising. Yeah, I know it’s a little weird to rename a story that just started, and is itself a renamed reboot of a series from over a decade ago.  But after consulting with some business experts in preparation for the next round of series, novels, and books, itContinue reading “No More Knights”

Nobody Is Above Getting Paid

A recent consult with a fellow writer brought up an interesting point: should a writer write work to get published? To give some context, my author-friend had an idea for a fantasy-romance novel.  It was light fluff (in her own words).  You know, the kind of stuff you see in the supermarket, only with fairiesContinue reading “Nobody Is Above Getting Paid”

Rhest for the Wicked and other books

In case you missed the announcement, Rhest For The Wicked is now available for the Kindle and other ebook readers, with the print version to come shortly (possibly this week).  But that’s not all!  Haven Publishing House, (aka my publisher) has also released The Pack by Dan Coglan and I Think? No, I’m Sure…God HatesContinue reading “Rhest for the Wicked and other books”

Rhest For The Wicked is Here!

It is with great delight that I announce my first book in seven years; Rhest For The Wicked, published by Haven Publishing. This book has been almost a year in coming, and it’s been a fight to get it out.  There’s a lot that goes on in publishing that few outside the boardrooms ever getContinue reading “Rhest For The Wicked is Here!”

Bullet Points

I really hate Daylight Savings Time.  It’s an antiquated idea, one that not only has run it’s course, but is legitimately dangerous (skip ahead to about 3:25).  Worse, it’s just inconvenient.  So, with that in mind, I figured I’d save us all a little bit of trouble and just hit a few issues that have beenContinue reading “Bullet Points”