Final Episode Is Live!

The final episode of New Phase has gone live!  Check out episode 05 here, or you can find it on the Serials & Stories page, and learn what becomes of Shotaro, Miya, and Eric. Next month, we’ll be starting a new serial as well as a new updating schedule.  I’ll be updating with new fiction twiceContinue reading “Final Episode Is Live!”

New Episode is Live

Episode Three is live on the Serials page (or just click here to jump right into the story).  Life on the streets of Japan is taking its toll on Shotaro and Miya, but things get even worse when Eighty-Four Industries brings in outside contractors to hunt them down. If you haven’t yet, make sure to read episode 01 andContinue reading “New Episode is Live”

New Episode Is Live

There are a couple of new sections now available.  The Articles Page is where I’ll be linking to articles that I’ve written for other sites.  Right now, I only have my most recent, an essay I wrote for The Modest Proposal about periodicals that have influenced us.  Definitely check out all the articles in TheContinue reading “New Episode Is Live”