Tools of the Imagination — Metallica, Through The Never

Metallica, Through The Never Directed by Nimrod Antal, Produced by Charlotte Huggins, Written by Nimrod Antal and Metallica, released 2013 All that is, was, and will be *Spoiler Warning* This is a hard movie to review for many reasons.  The first is that, well, I tend not to review live-action stuff.  Tools of the ImaginationContinue reading “Tools of the Imagination — Metallica, Through The Never”

I am not a Metallica fan (which is news to me)

I am a firm believer that fandom does not come with a uniform to wear, or even a uniform look.  While there may be trappings of a fandom, one’s enjoying/love of something is not defined by a narrow margin of attributes and attitudes. I say this because this past weekend, I went to see Metallica,Continue reading “I am not a Metallica fan (which is news to me)”


Before I begin, I want to say that I had a simply amazing time at Anime Mid-Atlantic this past weekend.  The panels were wonderful, the audiences at my panels were enthusiastic and responsive, it was great seeing friends there, and was overall about as good a time as one can have at one of these things.Continue reading “Supermusic”

The Best 1980s Music

We remember 80s cartoons like Transformers and GI Joe because they were excellent. There is more to this love of these shows, however, than mere nostalgia and the love of something that was loved when we were kids in the happier days of yore.  Going back to look at 1980s cartoons with a wider viewContinue reading “The Best 1980s Music”