X-Strike Studios, in memorium

After eleven years, X-Strike Studios is closing its doors. You may have heard of them recently, or you may be a longtime fan.  Or you may never have heard of them.  That’s one of the struggles with being an independent artist.  Sometimes some of the best work goes unnoticed. I don’t hesitate to apply the termContinue reading “X-Strike Studios, in memorium”

New Article

A wonderful off-beat periodical site known infamously as Drunk Monkeys has published one of my articles today. As a fan of professional wrestling (evidenced by the earlier post, a reference to the defeat of the Undertaker last night), I often ponder the weird universe its stories are set in, and just what a strangely bizarreContinue reading “New Article”

Tools of the Imagination — The Hobbit

The Hobbit screenplay by Romeo Muller, directed and produced by Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin Jr The Original Animated Masterpiece Originally published in 1937, the Hobbit has been a classic of children’s literature for generations.  A funny little tale about a strange creature named Bilbo, who goes on a quest with dwarves and a wizardContinue reading “Tools of the Imagination — The Hobbit”