Don’t Chase The Weight

Many athletes forget their goals. They mistake the markers of improvement for improvement itself, and they mistake the hallmarks of a champion for an actual champion. Nowhere is this better exemplified than in the weight room. Amongst the barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, pull-up and dips bars, amongst the iron that is used to forge the rawContinue reading “Don’t Chase The Weight”

Patterns and Habits

Pattern recognition is one of the greatest aspects of the human mind. While it is far and away not infallible, pattern recognition allows us to see trends in our environment – and ourselves – and to predict future events.  It is through pattern recognition that that all science was formed.  Science, all skills, and evenContinue reading “Patterns and Habits”

It’s All Skill

You can do a split right now. No, really, you can.  Or rather, your body is capable of mechanically performing a split.  Russian (legs forward and back) or Chinese (legs out to the sides), doesn’t matter.  Your muscles, skin, and connective tissue have the flexibility to take that position.  What inhibits you is the painContinue reading “It’s All Skill”

Versatility vs Universiality

Which would you prefer to be: good at everything, or great at one thing and above-average at everything else?  At first glance, it might seem being superb at everything would be the path to supremacy in whatever endeavor.  After all, if there’s nothing you’re bad at, if you command excellence at every knowledge and abilityContinue reading “Versatility vs Universiality”