X-Strike Studios, in memorium

After eleven years, X-Strike Studios is closing its doors. You may have heard of them recently, or you may be a longtime fan.  Or you may never have heard of them.  That’s one of the struggles with being an independent artist.  Sometimes some of the best work goes unnoticed. I don’t hesitate to apply the termContinue reading “X-Strike Studios, in memorium”

New Article

A wonderful off-beat periodical site known infamously as Drunk Monkeys has published one of my articles today. As a fan of professional wrestling (evidenced by the earlier post, a reference to the defeat of the Undertaker last night), I often ponder the weird universe its stories are set in, and just what a strangely bizarreContinue reading “New Article”

Rhest for the Wicked and other books

In case you missed the announcement, Rhest For The Wicked is now available for the Kindle and other ebook readers, with the print version to come shortly (possibly this week).  But that’s not all!  Haven Publishing House, (aka my publisher) has also released The Pack by Dan Coglan and I Think? No, I’m Sure…God HatesContinue reading “Rhest for the Wicked and other books”

New Episode Is Live

There are a couple of new sections now available.  The Articles Page is where I’ll be linking to articles that I’ve written for other sites.  Right now, I only have my most recent, an essay I wrote for The Modest Proposal about periodicals that have influenced us.  Definitely check out all the articles in TheContinue reading “New Episode Is Live”