Tools of the Imagination

This week’s episode of Tools of the Imagination is live at Inglourious Fiction. I talk about the somewhat-controversial anime series, Terror in Resonance, and why you shouldn’t bother. I also want to announce two up-coming conventions. I will be a surprise guest at Anime Mid-Atlantic 1/2: Third Impact next month as part of Virginia ComiCon.Continue reading “Tools of the Imagination”

Angels or Demons

I both love and hate philosophy.  I enjoy discussing different philosophical thinkings and views of the world.  Sadly, I don’t really enjoy reading philosophy because most philosophers are excessively long-winded that blather on incessantly.  Were I a strong advocate for their specific views, the attention to minutae might be appealing but as a tourist toContinue reading “Angels or Demons”

X-Strike Studios, in memorium

After eleven years, X-Strike Studios is closing its doors. You may have heard of them recently, or you may be a longtime fan.  Or you may never have heard of them.  That’s one of the struggles with being an independent artist.  Sometimes some of the best work goes unnoticed. I don’t hesitate to apply the termContinue reading “X-Strike Studios, in memorium”

One More Star In The Sky

This past weekend, the world lost one of it’s kindest and sweetest – and also one of its strongest – friends. Christine Larson passed away yesterday, after a rough battle with the flu.  Christine was one of the heads for one of the largest anime and Japanese-cultural conventions on the east coast; Katsucon.  The JapaneseContinue reading “One More Star In The Sky”

New Website!

There’s not much of an update this week because I am A) preparing to unveil the new (and hopefully improved) and B) preparing to give a series of lectures at Katsucon 20 as part of their Japanese Cultural Institute. These lectures will differ from the usual panels in that they will be more intrinsicallyContinue reading “New Website!”