Angels or Demons

I both love and hate philosophy.  I enjoy discussing different philosophical thinkings and views of the world.  Sadly, I don’t really enjoy reading philosophy because most philosophers are excessively long-winded that blather on incessantly.  Were I a strong advocate for their specific views, the attention to minutae might be appealing but as a tourist toContinue reading “Angels or Demons”

More To Come

A series of ill-timed and unrelated tragedies have befallen my family over the last week.  This has cast a strange silence over all of us.  In an emotional paralysis, we seem to be bracing for yet another blow to hit.  Everything from professional delays with no source with which to redress to legal matters that came from outContinue reading “More To Come”

Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth

Sorry about the delay in this week’s blog.  I’m afraid I was occupied most of yesterday because my mother fell and had to be rushed to the ER.  Almost the entire day was spent with her, making sure she was okay (she was and is; nothing broken or really all that badly hurt, just aContinue reading “Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth”

Patterns and Habits

Pattern recognition is one of the greatest aspects of the human mind. While it is far and away not infallible, pattern recognition allows us to see trends in our environment – and ourselves – and to predict future events.  It is through pattern recognition that that all science was formed.  Science, all skills, and evenContinue reading “Patterns and Habits”