Laundry Troubles

Why are some tasks easy and others hard?
Why is one task easier for one person than another?
I don’t mean something physical, like why is a hundred pounds heavy for this person and light for that person? I mean routine activities. Brushing teeth. Folding clothes. Cleaning. Lawn care. Why are these tasks so draining? Why are they draining for this person and not that person? Why are they draining today, but not tomorrow?Continue reading “Laundry Troubles”

Universal Basic Allowance

Last month, the United States issued roughly $1200 to every American as part of a stimulus package to help stymie the devastation wrought by the COVID-19 coronovirus.  Before that, various sociopolitical commentators like Robert Reich and presidential candidate Andrew Yang espoused the idea of Universal Basic Income.  The idea being that all citizens or residents or even people within a country are given a basic amount of money every month, regardless of their productivity or output.  It’s a fascinating idea with some really intriguing implications, and complications.

I don’t want to explore UBI, however.  More qualified and informed people than I have dealt with the myriad of topics surrounding it in other areas.  No, I want to address one small aspect which I don’t think I’ve seen anybody else discuss: kids’ allowances.Continue reading “Universal Basic Allowance”

New Short Story!

Full Spectrum Life is live in the Short Story section now!

This story holds a personal meaning for me above and beyond my usual creative outlet.  As someone who has moderate-to-severe mental illness, I contemplate the effectiveness of treatments and fantasize about cures.  Having experienced the magic of effective medication and lived through transformative experiences, I dream of the day when such experiences can be captured and harnessed.  And I think days like that could be closer than we all realize.

Name of the Game

Figuring out what to write is sometimes really tricky.  I’m a fiction writer by disposition but a journalist by training and a science writer by occupation.  Sadly, nowhere in there is promotional writer.  So I often struggle with knowing what will generate ‘hits’ to this site (or garner the attention of one of the dozen other sites where these blog posts appear).  I often use these fun little blog entries to muse on different ideas, rant about different social issues, and to generally just chat.  Mostly, though, these blogs are just to show that I’m alive.

Long ago, when I wrote a daily serial, the serial entries themselves sufficed as daily content.  But these days, metrics and algorithms run the lives of content creators.  It was determined (I’m not sure by who, but I’ve seen the figures quote often enough so I guess it must be true) that daily content proved to actually be counterproductive.  Twice and thrice-a-week updates seemed to be the sweet spot for content.

Cool, I suppose.  Less work, right?  Well, what if you no longer produce daily content.  What do you do?Continue reading “Name of the Game”