Spring 2018 Schedule

Katsucon / JCI – February 16-18th, Maryland
Panels – Transformers: Differences between the US and Japanese Series, How the Meiji Era Created the Modern World, Japanese-American Internment Camps of World War II, Legendary Swords of Japan, An Oral History of Miyamoto Musashi, Myths and Mysteries of Japanese Martial Arts, and a few martial arts classes as well.


Previously given panels include (but are not limited to):

Japanese History and Culture: How the Meiji Era Created the Modern World, Tale of Genji: the world’s first novel was self-insertion fanfiction, Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Martial Arts, Japanese-American Internment Camps in World War II

Fandom: Top Ten Transformers Episodes (currently includes Gen-1, the Japanese series, 2001 Robots in Disguise, and Armada), Ten Best American Anime Series

Industry: Writing 101, Hardcore Gamers vs Casual Gamers

Convention panels generally run one hour (except where noted) and include a short question and answer segment.  A projector with a PC HDMI cable is usually required.


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