Tools of the Imagination

This week’s episode of Tools of the Imagination is live at Inglourious Fiction. I talk about the somewhat-controversial anime series, Terror in Resonance, and why you shouldn’t bother.

I also want to announce two up-coming conventions. I will be a surprise guest at Anime Mid-Atlantic 1/2: Third Impact next month as part of Virginia ComiCon. That will be November 22-23.

And in January, I will be returning to MAGFest! In National Harbor MD January 23-26, MAGFest is one of the biggest video game conversation toons around. In the next month, I’ll be posting more information about my panels there, it for now, mark your calendar. It’s going to be epic.

Episode 06 Is Live

The newest episode of Red Moon Rising is live and available in the Serials section of the site.
Also, the newest installment of Tools of the Imagination is up at Inglourious Fiction. It’s an op-ed on Fox’s new show Gotham and how it’s either the absolutely most brilliant thing ever filmed that will chance the very face of society or a pointless cash grab that will hopefully be cancelled before the end of the season. One or the other.

New Episode Is Live!

Howdy folks! Episode 05 of Red Moon Rising is live! Go check it out and see how the knights, the World Alliance, and the Brotherhood of the Sun are handling the situation with the sniper rampaging across the city.

Also, since I’ve got you here, I also wanted to point you Inglourious Fiction. It’s here that my review series Tools of the Imagination is now appearing. Check it out every Wednesday!

Tools of the Imagination – The Internet

Today is Internet Slowdown Day. What is that? It’s where people and companies, large and small, around the globe try to fight against crippling laws that will render the relatively level playing field of the Internet completely at the mercy of a handful of companies, namely the ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

You’ve probably noticed this on Etsy, Netflix, and other big-name sites. They’re rallying together to fight against these proposes new laws because these laws represent an unfair advantage to large companies that can monopolize Internet traffic by leveraging tremendous monetary resources smaller companies and individuals cannot.

Imagine for a moment if paid a million dollars so their website loaded in a quarter of the time Icanhazcheeseburger loaded. Or what if Walmart was ALWAYS the first result found on any and all search engine results for any product. Imagine being able to stream all your favorite shows for one television network at their website, but having to suffer through constant delays and time-outs at another network’s website.

Imagine starting an internet business, only to discover your potential customers can only access your site at 1996-era speeds unless you pony up five, six, seven digits of cash.

If you want to help in this fight, there are two ways:
Contact the FCC directly, telling them your thoughts.
Contact your elected officials and let them know your thoughts.

It is not an exaggeration to say the very future of the Internet hangs in the balance.

Tools of the Imagination – Murder By Decree

So this is a bit of a departure. I generally try to isolate my ToI entries to toys and cartoons; things that stir the imagination. Not just inspire but exist as a means by which the imagination works and expands. Movies and television, I feel, direct the imagination. Not a bad thing at all, but definitely a different outcome of exposure all the same.

And yet, I feel compelled to talk about this movie, Murder by Decree.


This is a tragically unremarkable Sherlock Holmes movie, starring the underrated Christopher Plummer and a very bored James Mason. Pitting Holmes against Jack the Ripper (sort of), it is a slow-burning film that captures the melancholy of the post-Rathbone years before House MD and the Guy Richie movies would reinvigorate the franchise.

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