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Status Update

With Irma battering the United States, from Puerto Rico to Tennessee, I found it difficult to find much to write about it.  It’s kind of hard to discuss the nuances of character development or neat exercise tidbits I’ve been exploring when some people are struggling with life and livelihood.  Still, I wanted to write something, so I thought a quick project update might be in order.



My third novel with Caffeine & Ink, RocKaiju remains in development.  We’re at the copyediting stage and things are moving slowly, but well.  I am pushing to have RocKaiju available for Anime USA this December (more on that in a second), but that will involve hitting multiple subsequent benchmarks that are, shall I say, ambitious.  I think it is doable and my publisher does as well, so here’s to hoping.

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Blog 2017, Story Speculations

Two Robots Walk Into A Slum

I want to write a buddy cop series about Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Robocop.

I think the two of them could make a fun pairing, especially depending on the circumstances of their meeting.  Data was and is one of my favorite characters from TNG, played masterfully by the underrated Brent Spiner.  The android with aspirations to humanity, he was a delightful Pinocchio metaphor brought to life, as sci-fi is so very good at.  Over the seven seasons, though, Data turned into an increasingly complex and nuanced character who would be loved alongside cultural mainstays like Spock or Kirk.

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