New Story

So it would seem my automatic update…didn’t.  I’m sorry about that.  I’ve been using WordPress for almost two years now and I’m still figuring the bloody thing out.  All the tutorials and help in the world can only do so much for a neanderthal who sees computers as basically glorified typewriters.

This month’s update may end up being a little controversial, but it’s a story of some personal significance to me.  It’s brief but I find it hopeful and I hope a few others may find it hopeful as well.


New Story

New story for this fine March Friday.

I’m an avid physical culturalist (or gym rat, if you want to be a jerk about it), so new training always fascinates me.  Anytime new technology is brought into the realm of physical improvement, I’m always curious.  I think gravity-based training is a matter of when, not if, so I was curious just how it might be received when it finally comes along.

Check out one possible scenario in this month’s story, Gravity of Performance.  🙂

Towards The Future

2017 is on the horizon, so I thought I’d talk a little about what I’ve got planned for it. I’m not one for New Years’ Resolutions so much as a set of projects and goals I will attempt to get completed. Typically I manage to get at least half the list done, so anybody want to start a pool on which projects actually make it? Here we go:

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