New Short Story!

With the release of RocKaiju (available in digital and in print), I thought it would be fun to commemorate with a RocKaiju short story!  Here’s a bit of a prequel, showing a bit of Samatra’s world.


Speaking of RocKaiju, I will be at Katsucon weekend after next!  I’m bringing a mountain of copies of RocKaiju (as well as Proton and the other books), so be sure to grab your autographed copy.  Or bring your own copy and I’ll happily autograph it.  Whichever way, I hope to see you there!


New Rhest Short Story!!!

A new short story involving Rhest (from Rhest for the Wicked) is live in the Serials & Stories section.  Or you can just check it out here.

Sex work comes up occasionally in my stories, not so much because I favor it but because it is heavily stigmatized and vilified when it shouldn’t be.  The real-world realities of sex workers and those involved in the sex professions is complicated (and often ugly), but the field itself and those who work within it do not deserve dismissal and derision.  They deserve support, respect, though sadly they most deserve help.

Sex work is work, with all the problems (and more) that go with any exploited and vilified field.

Status Update

With Irma battering the United States, from Puerto Rico to Tennessee, I found it difficult to find much to write about it.  It’s kind of hard to discuss the nuances of character development or neat exercise tidbits I’ve been exploring when some people are struggling with life and livelihood.  Still, I wanted to write something, so I thought a quick project update might be in order.



My third novel with Caffeine & Ink, RocKaiju remains in development.  We’re at the copyediting stage and things are moving slowly, but well.  I am pushing to have RocKaiju available for Anime USA this December (more on that in a second), but that will involve hitting multiple subsequent benchmarks that are, shall I say, ambitious.  I think it is doable and my publisher does as well, so here’s to hoping.

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