New Short Story!

A new story is live in the Serials & Stories section!

Rhest returns for another adventure.  This time, he’s leaving the comfort of Sacramento and going on a trip to Yellowhammer State.  Check out the latest adventure in the cyberpunk series, in Rhest and the Trip Out East!


New Short Story

Music of Life – I Want to Be Sedated is live in the Serials & Stories section now!

Jie Wong is a math teacher who finds his carefully balanced life thrown into disorder when he’s confronted with a shadow from his past.  Join him as he explores just what matters to him, and what doesn’t, and which is more important.

New Short Story!

With the release of RocKaiju (available in digital and in print), I thought it would be fun to commemorate with a RocKaiju short story!  Here’s a bit of a prequel, showing a bit of Samatra’s world.


Speaking of RocKaiju, I will be at Katsucon weekend after next!  I’m bringing a mountain of copies of RocKaiju (as well as Proton and the other books), so be sure to grab your autographed copy.  Or bring your own copy and I’ll happily autograph it.  Whichever way, I hope to see you there!