New Short Story!!!

The Zeta Danger Saga continues!  Check out Sunsetter’s newest adventure as she tracks the Warbots through the Westrion Expanse.  Mecha action meets frontier setting in Robots Zeta Danger 03, live now!


New Short Story!

With the release of RocKaiju (available in digital and in print), I thought it would be fun to commemorate with a RocKaiju short story!  Here’s a bit of a prequel, showing a bit of Samatra’s world.


Speaking of RocKaiju, I will be at Katsucon weekend after next!  I’m bringing a mountain of copies of RocKaiju (as well as Proton and the other books), so be sure to grab your autographed copy.  Or bring your own copy and I’ll happily autograph it.  Whichever way, I hope to see you there!