Katsucon and Responsible Presence

To paraphrase a personal icon of mine: ‘To Business!’ Katsucon was, summarily, amazing.  The panels were huge hits, and then some.  I was really delighted by how the panels filled up and how engaging they were.  In years past, it’s been hard to guess how a specific panel might be received but every event thisContinue reading “Katsucon and Responsible Presence”

New Short Story

To celebrate the Rhest for the Wicked Short Film Kickstarter, there’s a new Rhest short story today!  Rhest and the Polar Bear is a quick, simple smash-n-grab story for anybody curious about who this crazy street merc and what kind of a world he inhabits.  If you’re a new reader, or been following Rhest’s adventuresContinue reading “New Short Story”

Rhest and the Unknown

Rhest for the Wicked Short Film Update #10 A characteristic of Rhest for the Wicked and several of the short stories (as well as subsequent books in the continuity) is that of the unknown.  Rhest’s world was inspired by Robert Howard and similar writers from the dawn of the 20th Century.  Howard – famous forContinue reading “Rhest and the Unknown”