MAGFest 2018

We’re sixteen days away from MAGFest 2018.

Time sure does fly.

This year, MAGFest returns to National Harbor for an event that transcends description: part music festival, part convention, part fan experience, part industry meet-and-greet, and part…family reunion.  MAGFest remains the cornerstone of my year, professionally and personally.  In 2002, after publishing my first book – Crossworld – I netted an invitation to a tiny start-up convention called the Mid-Atlantic Gaming Festival.  It was my first convention.

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Big thanks to everyone at Anime USA this year.  It was an absolute blast and I want to thank everyone who came by the table and came to the panels for making it so memorable.  To try and return the favor, Caffeine & Ink hooked up all AUSA attendees with free links to the first chapter of my new book, RocKaiju.  Given the traffic we immediately saw, I’m guessing they like rock ‘n roll and giant lizards.

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Defining Final Fantasy, pt 2

Hey, sorry about the abrupt departure last week.  I was mostly twirling my thumbs before I realized I was stumbling into something a little more substantial than I realized.  I maybe should have posted something else and turned this into something a little more substantial, but meh.  I figure it’s the holidays, why not have some fun?  Besides, I think art analysis is a lot of fun, and what makes this art distinct is some of the best kind of analysis.  So let’s dive back in to what makes a Final Fantasy game a Final Fantasy game?


Last week, we discussed the plots of Final Fantasy games (they have two: the Captain Planet plot and the Star Wars plot) and the mechanics, namely the job system (that party customization is achieved by either swapping out characters or swapping out jobs that the character performs).

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Status Update

With Irma battering the United States, from Puerto Rico to Tennessee, I found it difficult to find much to write about it.  It’s kind of hard to discuss the nuances of character development or neat exercise tidbits I’ve been exploring when some people are struggling with life and livelihood.  Still, I wanted to write something, so I thought a quick project update might be in order.



My third novel with Caffeine & Ink, RocKaiju remains in development.  We’re at the copyediting stage and things are moving slowly, but well.  I am pushing to have RocKaiju available for Anime USA this December (more on that in a second), but that will involve hitting multiple subsequent benchmarks that are, shall I say, ambitious.  I think it is doable and my publisher does as well, so here’s to hoping.

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Less Than Meets The Eye

Watching all of Transformers is going to kill me.

I’ve been working on a convention panel called ‘Top Ten Episodes of Transformers’.  In it, I discuss the ten best episodes of the long-running franchise, starting with the original 1984 cartoon, up to the current series.  Watching episodes sequentially, I’ve made it up to 2002’s Transformers Armada, looking to complete it sometime next week.  This has included all of Gen-1, the Japanese series (Headmasters, Supergod Masterforce, Victory), Beast Wars & Beast Machines, and 2001’s Robots in Disguise.  If you don’t know what any of that means, just suffice to say that it’s a lot of cartoons.

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