Less Than Meets The Eye

Watching all of Transformers is going to kill me.

I’ve been working on a convention panel called ‘Top Ten Episodes of Transformers’.  In it, I discuss the ten best episodes of the long-running franchise, starting with the original 1984 cartoon, up to the current series.  Watching episodes sequentially, I’ve made it up to 2002’s Transformers Armada, looking to complete it sometime next week.  This has included all of Gen-1, the Japanese series (Headmasters, Supergod Masterforce, Victory), Beast Wars & Beast Machines, and 2001’s Robots in Disguise.  If you don’t know what any of that means, just suffice to say that it’s a lot of cartoons.

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Katsucon Report

Katsucon was amazing.

I like to go for top-shelf words when describing conventions that go well, but Katsucon remains one of the best and strongest-run conventions I have had the pleasure to present at or even encountered.  Their staff is extremely capable and well-organized and they manage the space at the Gaylord Hotel with remarkable skill.

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Teach The Sky…a new trick

So guess what do ya’ll think?

Over the weekend, my friend Matthew ‘MaHoneyBadger’ Mahoney helped me overhaul my site.  What was meant to be just a quick ‘how badly did I mess this up’ review turned into some major reworking.  I cannot thank Mahoney enough for his help and I encourage anyone who knows him to shower him with praise.  Or praise him for showering because the dude’s training to win American Ninja Warrior.

I’ll continue to whittle away at the site, fixing formatting problems and working on the various linking issues.  All of this is building up to, or at least towards, bringing serials back to the site.  That decision has yet to be fully made but I want the reasons to not do it to be personal/professional and not technical.

So yeah.  🙂

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MAGFest 2017

MAGFest 15 was this past weekend.  Situated on the cusp of Virginia and Maryland in the Gaylord Convention Center, it was as it always has been, a celebration of video games, gaming culture, and the music that ties them together.

MAGFest is always a party, always the highlight of the year for me (both personally and professionally).  It’s always a chance to see friends and to connect with people in an industry that I love.  And yet, this year was noticeably different previous years.  With the direction of the winds of the world, I half-expected this year’s Mid-Atlantic Gaming Music And Gaming Festival to be a somber affair.  To my delight, it was anything but.

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MAGFest!!!  This weekend!!!

Hello! Welcome to 2017! Here’s to hoping it’s a better year than 2016. I think we say that every year. I came across a post on Facebook back in 2014 where I was saying the same about 2013, so there’s certainly a cyclical nature to it all. Hindsight is always cynical and frightening in the short-term, I suppose. But none of that matters right now because this weekend is MAGFEST!!!

If you don’t know what MAGFest is, A) shame on you and B) it’s the greatest thing to happen to the world since light. Seriously, Prometheus brought us fire specifically so that we could use it to create technology, culminating not in the space race, 3D printers, automated food production, and water purification, but so we could bask in the greatness that is THE GREATEST PARTY IN THE WORLD.

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