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Anime USA, this weekend!

Good morning!  This weekend, I will be in Washington DC for Anime USA!

I will be promoting my books (Rhest for the Wicked and Samifel), my monthly short stories, and pre-orders for my newest book, RocKaiju!

I have panels all weekend as well!

How The Meiji Era Created The Modern World, Friday at 8pm in Panels 5

Beginners’ Guide to Martial Arts, Saturday at 2pm in Panels 3 (prior experience not necessary, but bring some comfortable clothes to move in)

Top Ten Transformers Episodes, Saturday at 4pm in Panels 4 (covers Gen-1 through season one of Beast Machines)

Writing 101, Saturday at 8pm in Panels 3

Ten Best American Anime Series, Sunday at noon in Panels 3

I’ll also be about and around, saying hi and hanging out (and promoting my books).  Lots of fun stuff!  Please come to AUSA and say hi!

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I am back in print, after over five years. It’s a good feeling.

At the VA Comic-Con, I unveiled the new print editions of Rhest for the Wicked (which will be available rough Amazon shortly, ebook is currently available). I am delighted that they sold like hot cakes. I am next slated to appear at MAGFest and will be bringing copies with me. As we gear up for the holiday season, I remind you of the gift of literature. 🙂

Lots bubbling, lots to reveal in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Book Announcement

Rhest For The Wicked is Here!


It is with great delight that I announce my first book in seven years; Rhest For The Wicked, published by Haven Publishing.

This book has been almost a year in coming, and it’s been a fight to get it out.  There’s a lot that goes on in publishing that few outside the boardrooms ever get to see, and by signing with a start-up publisher, I got to see a lot of that.  It’s been a trial, no doubt, but it’s finally here.

Currently available is the ebook, with the print edition coming shortly (print editions take longer to push through the databases for reasons that can only be described as hocus-pocus).

Please take a look at Rhest for the Wicked.  It’s just a fun, simple cyberpunk haunted house story.  🙂