Minnesota Riots

In which RVA reminds you to remember your training…

The disconnect between what people enjoy and what they want always surprises me.  And frankly, troubles me.

Right now, as I write this, Minneapolis Minnesota is the cite of riots connected to the shooting of George Floyd.  The municipal and state police have been mobilized, as have the national guard.  Politicians and social activists are chiming in.  Marching.  Chanting.  Looting.  Rioting.  Arrests.  You know the deal.  You’ve seen this movie before. Continue reading “Minnesota Riots”

Who is Harris Teeter, anyway?

In which RVA gripes about grocery shopping…

I hate grocery stores.

I like food (who doesn’t?!) and I like cooking, but I hate grocery stores.  I don’t mind the idea of a store where you go to get food.  It’s grocery stores specifically as they exist in most American cities that I can’t stand.

Why?  Well, I’m glad you asked that, hypothetical person. Continue reading “Who is Harris Teeter, anyway?”

Flight of Dragons 2: Electric Boogaloo

In which RVA pitches a reboot

I think Hollywood should remake Flight of Dragons.

Bear with me here.  I know the film industry is not currently hurting for remakes.  Just about every film that comes out these days seems to be an adaptation of this, a remake of that or – worst of all – a reimagining or a reboot of an existing franchise.

Whether or not that’s a good thing, I’ll leave for a discussion for another time.  Likewise will I leave for discussion whether or not that’s a new thing.  I’ll just state that movies that are cornerstones of modern cinema – Ben-Hurr and Scarface – are both remakes.  So let’s at the very least not pretend this a new or cataclysmic phenomena. Continue reading “Flight of Dragons 2: Electric Boogaloo”

Laundry Troubles

In which RVA talks about folding clothes…

Why are some tasks easy and others hard?
Why is one task easier for one person than another?
I don’t mean something physical, like why is a hundred pounds heavy for this person and light for that person? I mean routine activities. Brushing teeth. Folding clothes. Cleaning. Lawn care. Why are these tasks so draining? Why are they draining for this person and not that person? Why are they draining today, but not tomorrow? Continue reading “Laundry Troubles”

Universal Basic Allowance

In which RVA talks about pocket money from Uncle Sam…

Last month, the United States issued roughly $1200 to every American as part of a stimulus package to help stymie the devastation wrought by the COVID-19 coronovirus.  Before that, various sociopolitical commentators like Robert Reich and presidential candidate Andrew Yang espoused the idea of Universal Basic Income.  The idea being that all citizens or residents or even people within a country are given a basic amount of money every month, regardless of their productivity or output.  It’s a fascinating idea with some really intriguing implications, and complications.

I don’t want to explore UBI, however.  More qualified and informed people than I have dealt with the myriad of topics surrounding it in other areas.  No, I want to address one small aspect which I don’t think I’ve seen anybody else discuss: kids’ allowances. Continue reading “Universal Basic Allowance”