Stick to the Basics

In which RVA talks about checking your ego…

A whole lot of the life and the world is very similar.

I study exercise recreationally.  I was a personal trainer for a hot minute there, but I gave it up because, well, frankly, used car salesmen are more honest.  But I still do strength and conditioning advise on a regular basis and get the itch occasionally to get back into it.  Neither here nor there.  I read about athletes training programs across the spectrum.  And what amazes me is how often people seem to conflate being the best with being the hardest working with being the top-performing with being the most popular.

Yeah, I know.  There’s a whole lot in there, which takes a second to unwrap, but that’s kind of the point. Continue reading “Stick to the Basics”

White Culture

In which RVA discusses honkiness…

What is white culture?

As an American, there’s been a lot of discussion about racial identity in many different groups.  As various underrepresented and underserved groups begin to step forward and get more of the social spotlight, we are beginning to have some long-needed discussions about what role race plays (and doesn’t play) in our collective world.

One gripe that comes from racists is the lack of representation of white people or white culture.  ‘If there’s a black history month, how come there isn’t a white history month’, they will ask.  Turns out there is…sort of.  March is Irish history month.  April is Scottish history.  July is French, September is German, the list goes on.  But these are specific ethnic groups; what about white culture as a whole?

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Don’t Look Away

In which RVA demands discomfort…

Weekly, I sit down to write a blog post.

Weekly, I try to think of something fun and engaging to say.  But it always turns into a struggle.  Life is pretty fully right now.  Lots of day-jobbing, lots of writing (and frustratingly little publishing), lots of life.  But outside of all of that, there’s also a metric ton of nightmare.  Shootings have become so frequent, we have more than there are days of the year.  Deportations, concentration camps, mass raids, so on.  And that isn’t even addressing that rampant disregard of climate change, which feels like playing Russian Roulette with five rounds. Continue reading “Don’t Look Away”

World Around

In which RVA stares out the window…

I often think about how much space is wasted.

I work in downtown, with an hour commute, give or take half an hour (usually give).  I ride alone because being in America, we have no appreciable public transportation.  This is in Raleigh North Carolina, which actually has a decent bus system for downtown and the surrounding areas.  The problem is that Raleigh is a burgeoning megalopolis, combining Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Cary.  That’s four cities in three counties.  Raleigh and Chapel Hill have public transportation (Chapel Hill’s bus system is amazing), but Durham and Cary…not so much.  Individual towns are individual, I get it.  But the chasms between the cities?  There’s an intercity shuttle that keeps a schedule that can only be divined by aged psychics and it runs only slightly more frequently than solar eclipses.  So if you live and work in the same locale, you’ve got public transportation options.  Live in one city and work in another?  You are SOL. Continue reading “World Around”

Dereliction or inevitability?

In which RVA waxes about politics…again…

Question: Do you believe in justice?

Watching children be murdered by guardians of justice, and then for those protectors be punished with a paid vacation, watching the current administration just decide it won’t obey the law and there being effectively no appreciable recourse, watching two elections in my lifetime be stolen by essentially electoral munchkinism, watching a few dozen businesses just absolutely deplete the planet, watching bankers scam the populace and get paid for it, watching bigots and racists coddled and attended to like favored children at the expense of those in real need, watching whole swaths of the population be marginalized and then tortured for economic benefit, I came to the crashing realization that I don’t think I believe justice exists.

I don’t know if I think it doesn’t exist anymore, or if it ever really did.  I do know that in this moment, I’m not sure I know what justice would even look like.  Revenge?  Yes.  Fairness?  Perhaps.  Justice?  I really don’t know.

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