What To Eat

In which RVA talks about different diets he’s tried…

Some friends of mine recently were discussing the Ketogenic Diet, one of whom was just starting it and the other who was looking to start it.  I’ve done the Keto Diet twice, both times to moderate success.  I thought some people might benefit from hearing my take, but then things progressed.  I’ve done other diets too, and exercise programs.  And if you’ve ever looked into honest and comprehensive reviews of exercise programs, you know they are often quite lacking for thorough yet unbiased virtues.

Well, after the (moderate) success of my Ask Me Anything, I thought I’d take this week and give some reviews from my history of and experiences with different diets. Continue reading “What To Eat”


In which RVA ponders quotes and existence…

Nothing unreal exists.

This is one of my favorite quotes, coming from the very underrated Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (alternatively known as Star Trek 4: To Pay for Shatner’s Beach House).  In the movie, the resurrected Spock credits this quote to T’Planahath, the Matron of Vulcan Philosophy.  Neat nerd trivia there, although here on Earth, the origin of the quote might well be Helen Schucman in her book, A Course In Miracles.  Whatever the origin, it’s a good quote and one that I ponder from time to time. Continue reading “Navel-Gazing”

Power (and Pitfalls) of Specificity

In which RVA talks about why vernacular is awesome and overrated…

You are a criminal investigator.  Maybe police, maybe private detective, doesn’t matter in this context.

The victim and your only witness is unconscious, unable to say or tell you anything.  Because time is of the essence, you only have the basic medical report to go from.  When asked, you are told ‘patient presented with acute trauma to the right common iliac artery’.  You begin looking for a left-handed woman immediately, likely a romantic partner or romantic interest at least.

Why? Continue reading “Power (and Pitfalls) of Specificity”