Art and Context

In which RVA talks about where art comes from…

How important is context when it comes to art?

I noticed a comment on one of the Youtube videos of my convention panels.  The comment bemoaned my ‘sociopolitical injection’ at the beginning of a panel on American Anime.  I’m not much of a commenter, especially on places like Youtube, but I felt compelled to point out that it wasn’t a throwaway diatribe but it was meant to give context for the panel and the points I was making. Continue reading “Art and Context”

Right to Privacy?

In which RVA discusses privacy in the modern age…

I had a recent discussion online about whether a person should change her social media handle to include her real last name.  Her reasoning was that she is from a minority background and wanted to help bring attention and awareness, as well as just generally express pride in her heritage.  Cool.

I advised against her doing so.  I told her, as I’ve told family members, that I don’t consider it a good idea to use one’s real name in connection with social media.  ‘But Robert’, some of you are probably saying, ‘isn’t your user handle on just about everything your name?’

Yes, it is.  And I regret that. Continue reading “Right to Privacy?”

Political Envy

In which RVA waxes sarcastically…

Do you also get tired of watching politicians get nothing done?

Let’s set aside conservative vs liberal.  Let’s set aside Republican vs Democrat.  Let’s set aside Conservative vs Labour.  Put all of that aside, and let’s just look at politics today.  Do you ever just get sick and f&^king tired of watching politicians doing nothing?  Getting nothing done? Continue reading “Political Envy”

Permanent Resident

In which RVA talks about fitting into the world…

I’ve never really understood patriotism.  I’ve never understand the esteem and emotional vigor so many others ascribe to their geographic location.  It just, it just never connected with me.

Even as a child, I didn’t get it.  I didn’t understand school spirit.  I never owned a letterman’s jacket or a class ring.  I didn’t understand the significance of our mascot or any of that stuff.  My high school was selected based off of geographical location, which was dedicated by racial and economic forces.  There was nothing special about it, nor about my attending it.  So the idea of seeing it as something special?  Yeah, I just don’t see it.  Nor do I even understand how others see it. Continue reading “Permanent Resident”

Stick to the Basics

In which RVA talks about checking your ego…

A whole lot of the life and the world is very similar.

I study exercise recreationally.  I was a personal trainer for a hot minute there, but I gave it up because, well, frankly, used car salesmen are more honest.  But I still do strength and conditioning advise on a regular basis and get the itch occasionally to get back into it.  Neither here nor there.  I read about athletes training programs across the spectrum.  And what amazes me is how often people seem to conflate being the best with being the hardest working with being the top-performing with being the most popular.

Yeah, I know.  There’s a whole lot in there, which takes a second to unwrap, but that’s kind of the point. Continue reading “Stick to the Basics”