Twilight Thoughts

In which RVA discusses little, and a lot…

MAGFest is in a week and a half.  I’m pretty excited about it.  This year is going to be bigger than usual.  Not in terms of panel load or books (although, I will have plenty of both), but in terms of plans and of what this year represents.

Outside of MAGFest, 2020 is proving to be a major year of upheaval and change.  Not just in my literary career or my personal life but for everyone.  Anyone paying attention to politics knows how unprecedented current events are.  We’re well outside of life-as-usual and the term historic doesn’t seem to do it justice.  It’s a terrifying time in some ways, but it’s also an exciting time.  We read about these times in the history books, and as such, we have the chance to define what we do and who we are, as people and as a people. Continue reading “Twilight Thoughts”

Age and Words

In which RVA bemoans getting older…

I suffer from an incurable illness known as ‘old’.

The symptoms have been progressing gradually for the last few years/decades.  I thought a good diet, lots of exercise, and plenty of black-tar heroin was keeping the effects at bay, but lo, it was not to be.  The disease has reached a new stage and a major mile-marker has been reached.  As of last Friday…I required orthotic inserts. Continue reading “Age and Words”

Schoolin’ and Learnin’

In which RVA talks about learning…

What you are taught in school isn’t what you are in school to learn.

As a student in public schools, I was often confronted with subjects that were (at best) uninteresting to me and (at worst) massively useless wastes of time.  No amount of engineers and physicists’ testimony will persuade me that calculus is useful to more than 5% of the population.  So why in the world is it taught?

Because what is being taught isn’t what is meant to be learned. Continue reading “Schoolin’ and Learnin’”


In which RVA waxes about violence and combat sports…

Outside of writing, I do a lot of martial arts.  I train in a style called Kajukembo, which is a mixed martial arts off-shoot of Kempo.  It was founded in Hawai’i just after World War 2, born out of the multi-ethnic slums in that time.

I enjoy martial arts a lot, but it sometimes surprises people to learn that I don’t like most combat sports like MMA or professional boxing.  I don’t have anything against MMA per say (leagues like Bellator or the UFC), but I do actively have a problem with boxing. Continue reading “MMA and NHB”

Martin Scorsese and Marvel Movies

In which RVA tilts at an internet windmill…

So some time ago, Martin Scorsese said that he didn’t like ‘the Marvel movies’ and he didn’t consider the cinema.  And the film-going audiences went a little nuts.  Film fans were like ‘oh no he didn’t!’ and others were like ‘oh my gosh, he’s totally right’.  And it was a thing.  Cool, fine.

And then Scorsese penned an opinion piece (an “op-ed” if you will) expounding on this point.  He griped about how the modern film landscape was overrun with these high-budget, overly saturated colorful flights of fancy.  He complained about how the movie going public was being denied risky, arthouse ventures by a diversity and breadth of filmmaking voices.  He opined about the days of yore when movies were purer visions of artistic credibility.  Cool, fine.

And the film-going audiences went a little nuts.  Film fans were like ‘oh no he didn’t!’ and others were like ‘oh my gosh, he’s totally right’.  And that was a thing.

For my two cents, I don’t give a damn. Continue reading “Martin Scorsese and Marvel Movies”