Five-Year Plan

In which RVA shares some goals…

So now that it’s officially 2020, I feel like it’s time to discuss goals.  Goals I’ve set, and goals I am setting.  Goals are dreams and ambitions for which you have an actual plan to reach, so let’s talk goals.

When it comes to goals, I prefer to make them specific.  At conventions, I’ve often made a connection between fitness and video games.  In truth, fitness informs a lot of my thinking.  And when it comes to exercise and training, knowing what you want to accomplish and achieve is paramount for figuring out how to get there.  It’s part of why I don’t care for terms like ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ because of how vague they are.  I’d much rather talk about how to lift a certain amount of weight, how to maintain a level of energy, or how to lower bodyfat a little bit. Continue reading “Five-Year Plan”

Post-MAGFest Lift

In which RVA discusses the best convention ever…

MAGFest has come and gone.  MAGFest 2020 was not, despite some beliefs online, the twentieth MAGFest, though it seems like it.  MAGFest began in 2003 (…I think?), so this was like the seventeenth or something.  Plus it was originally in September, then it moved to January.  Plus there have been other MAG-events, so the actual number is…well, it involves some algebra.

What has not changed is how amazing and wonderful of a time it was, and is.  If you haven’t been to MAGFest, start making plans to attend the next one.  The whole four-day experience is like nothing else I have ever known, and I think I’ve attended just about every type of convention there is (except a furry con). Continue reading “Post-MAGFest Lift”

Twilight Thoughts

In which RVA discusses little, and a lot…

MAGFest is in a week and a half.  I’m pretty excited about it.  This year is going to be bigger than usual.  Not in terms of panel load or books (although, I will have plenty of both), but in terms of plans and of what this year represents.

Outside of MAGFest, 2020 is proving to be a major year of upheaval and change.  Not just in my literary career or my personal life but for everyone.  Anyone paying attention to politics knows how unprecedented current events are.  We’re well outside of life-as-usual and the term historic doesn’t seem to do it justice.  It’s a terrifying time in some ways, but it’s also an exciting time.  We read about these times in the history books, and as such, we have the chance to define what we do and who we are, as people and as a people. Continue reading “Twilight Thoughts”