Television That Matters

Last night, the WWE held their annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view, which rivals in popularity their flagship Wrestlemania pay-per-view.  Its keynote match is the Royal Rumble match, wherein the wrestlers most throw their opponent over the top rope.  It starts with two wrestlers, with a new wrestler being introduced every 90 seconds until all thirty haveContinue reading “Television That Matters”

New Website!

There’s not much of an update this week because I am A) preparing to unveil the new (and hopefully improved) and B) preparing to give a series of lectures at Katsucon 20 as part of their Japanese Cultural Institute. These lectures will differ from the usual panels in that they will be more intrinsicallyContinue reading “New Website!”

The Magic of MAGFest

MAGFest was this past weekend.  I’m assuming you went because why wouldn’t you?  As the preeminent place for gaming music (and gaming in general), it stands as one of Meccas of gaming culture.  Pretty much anybody who is a gamer or is part of the gaming community either has gone to MAGFest or is planning toContinue reading “The Magic of MAGFest”