2014 In Review….eh, better not

Optimism is a prized trait, and for good reason. It is our ability to see good that makes progress possible, and keeps hope alive. Optimism is an admirable trait, to be sure. Likewise, there seems to be a professional requirement that one be upbeat, cheerful, and even happy. Certainly positive. And again, it’s understandable. PositiveContinue reading “2014 In Review….eh, better not”

What’s Your Favorite Christmas Carol?

Charles Dickens’ famous novella about a miserly old man being scared into generosity turned 171 last Friday. First published on December 19th, 1843, it was an instant classic. From it, we would get the famous characters of Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Jacob Marley, and the real stars of the show, the Spirits of Christmas. StageContinue reading “What’s Your Favorite Christmas Carol?”

Concentration (or, What Forgetting My Power Cord Taught Me About Focus)

I forgot the power cable for my computer this past weekend. It’s not too surprising. I travel a lot, especially these days where my weeks are divided between the Triangle (Raleigh-Durham NC) and Asheville. There’s a skill to traveling and it’s one that I don’t think I’ve mastered but I do think I’ve gotten aContinue reading “Concentration (or, What Forgetting My Power Cord Taught Me About Focus)”