Btchflicks, 2016/07/27 – Mary and Susan on Johnny Test

Life as a Role-Playing Game, a write-up from the introduction of the convention panel by the same name, exploring how to apply lessons learned from role-playing games to daily life.

Why Sword Myths Are So Prevalent, an essay on reasons why sword myths are found in almost every culture throughout history.  An excerpt from the convention panel ‘Legendary Swords of Japan’)

Btchflicks, 2016/02/27 – Animated Love: How Anime Produced Two of the Best Interracial Love Stories Of All Time

How Free-2-Play Games Are Changing Video Game Narratives, an essay on the way free-2-play games are changing the gaming landscape.  An excerpt from the convention panel by the same name.

Panel Excerpt – Duel at Funa-jima, an excerpt from the panel ‘Biography of Miyamoto Musashi’

Drunk Monkeys, 2015/03/18 – Realities of Video Game Violence (article version of panel first appearing at MAGFest 2015)

Btchflicks, 2015/03/01 – Evil-Lyn: Fantasy’s Underrated Icon

Btchflicks, 2015/02/25 – Stephanie McMahon Helmsley: The Real Power In The Realm

Drunk Monkeys, 2014/09/19 – Little Mosque on the Prairie

Btchflicks, 2014/07/29 – Siren Song of Cartoon Catgirls

Drunk Monkeys, 2014/04/17 – A Tale of Two Sherlocks: Comparing Sherlock and Elementary

Drunk Monkeys, 2014/04/07 – Professional Wrestling as Television: Evaluating Monday Night Raw

The Modest Proposal, 2014/03/06 – Muscles & Fitness: Self-Improvement, one body part at a time

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