Five-Year Plan

So now that it’s officially 2020, I feel like it’s time to discuss goals.  Goals I’ve set, and goals I am setting.  Goals are dreams and ambitions for which you have an actual plan to reach, so let’s talk goals.

When it comes to goals, I prefer to make them specific.  At conventions, I’ve often made a connection between fitness and video games.  In truth, fitness informs a lot of my thinking.  And when it comes to exercise and training, knowing what you want to accomplish and achieve is paramount for figuring out how to get there.  It’s part of why I don’t care for terms like ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ because of how vague they are.  I’d much rather talk about how to lift a certain amount of weight, how to maintain a level of energy, or how to lower bodyfat a little bit.

So what were my specific goals?  In 2015, I set about on a five-year plan.  Some parts of the plan were personal, some were professional, and some were a bit in-between.  I failed most of those goals, but I achieved more than a few (bought a house, qualified for a pension, published a minimum of one book a year, maintained the short story schedule at my website, etc).  So going into 2020, I am making a new five-year plan.  My professional goals are start publishing at least one novel a year (not just books, I feel like my short story anthologies are kind of cheating), resurrect my serials, and to start a graphic component of my life (meaning start sharing some of my drawings).

Outside of content creation, I want to find a replacement for conventions.  My convention attendance has dwindled recently and I don’t really have an outlet to replace it.  Conventions are, for me, largely a form of advertising.  They are a way for me to promote my writing and my work.  I need to find a new mechanism for doing that, but thus far, such a thing has eluded me.  2020 forward, I shall make it a priority to find one.

I have other goals too.  I want to complete the Sinister protocol with my kettlebell (and maybe even the Beast Tamer).  I want to turn a pair of black belts in related martial arts.  Things like that.  And other, personal goals.  But goals they are: objectives and ambitions of mine for which I have a plan.

What are you aspirations and dreams?  What are your goals?  And what is your plan to achieve them?  A five-year plan takes a lot of forethought and a lot of patience, but thus far, the approach has worked really great for me.

Published by Robert V Aldrich

Author. Speaker. Cancer Researcher. Martial Artist. Illustrator. Cat dad. Nerd.

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