Blog 2019

Dereliction or inevitability?

Question: Do you believe in justice?

Watching children be murdered by guardians of justice, and then for those protectors be punished with a paid vacation, watching the current administration just decide it won’t obey the law and there being effectively no appreciable recourse, watching two elections in my lifetime be stolen by essentially electoral munchkinism, watching a few dozen businesses just absolutely deplete the planet, watching bankers scam the populace and get paid for it, watching bigots and racists coddled and attended to like favored children at the expense of those in real need, watching whole swaths of the population be marginalized and then tortured for economic benefit, I came to the crashing realization that I don’t think I believe justice exists.

I don’t know if I think it doesn’t exist anymore, or if it ever really did.  I do know that in this moment, I’m not sure I know what justice would even look like.  Revenge?  Yes.  Fairness?  Perhaps.  Justice?  I really don’t know.

Let’s pretend Trump is impeached, and then charged, and then convicted of crimes.  It’s unlikely any prison he is sent to would be any worse than, say, a Day’s Inn motel.  Given his age, his stay likely wouldn’t be that long, either.  Is that justice?  Because that seems like the best-case scenario, and it’s about as far-fetched as righteous retribution.

The rumblings on the left are less and less about righting wrongs and more about beating opponents and getting revenge.  Not unwarranted in my opinion, but not what I signed on for.  In many ways, I signed on for justice.  But I don’t know what that is.  I don’t even know what it would look like.

You don’t have to answer.  But honestly contemplate it.  Do you believe justice exists?  If so, what would it look like?  And what do you think is the likelihood that we might see even a shred of it?

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