Rejected Rhest for the Wicked Bylines

Instead of talking about the nuts and bolts of the Rhest franchise, I’d take this chance to discuss some of the possible catch-phrases we discussed as by-lines for Rhest for the Wicked and other stories in the franchise.  My publisher and I decided on “Some guys have all the luck.  Not this guy” but there were other contenders.  They include:

“Because competent heroes are overrated”

“Do you ever read fiction and just yell ‘why don’t you just shoot him in the face’ at the hero?”

“Sci-fi had it coming”

“For people tired of Resident Evil’s plodding realism”

“Like lucha libre, but for logic”

“Like War And Peace, but for Metroidvania fans”

“The best literature the Labor Day Weekend can produce”

“Like Lord of the Flies, but with guns.  And zombies.  And giant monsters.  And no children.”

“Come for the zombie-killing, staying for the dual-wielding cyborg.”

“Murder-hobos: the Novel”

Yeah.  I think you can see why we chose the way we did.

And this actually isn’t just a space-filler.  This is Rhest’s stories.  A series of gags that are then explored and thought out.  A series of funny ideas, fleshed out with some cyberpunk and some late-night, B-rate anime.  Stories more worried about being fun and entertaining and engaging then they are contributing to some higher discussion or advancing some artistic movement.  Stories that start with fun, are developed through fun, and end with something fun.

That’s Rhest.

That’s the movie I want to make.




Click here to learn more about the Rhest for the Wicked Short Film Kickstarter here.

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