Rhest for the Wicked Short Film

Rhest for the Wicked Short Film Update #6

Shooting Location

We don’t yet know where the film will be shot.

It’s a little frustrating because that affects much of the casting and production.  Why don’t we know?  In short, it depends on how well this Kickstarter goes.

Currently, there are two film studies who are interested in this project.  Neither studio has fully committed (understandably) until the kickstarter is concluded.  Once this drive ends, however, one of the studios will be optioned and the film will go into pre-production.

One studio works exclusively in California.  Cool, makes sense.  The other studio works in California and in North Carolina (my home state).  Their filming options will differ if the movie is filmed in the Spring or the Summer, which will affect the casting options and locations available to rent for shooting.

This is part of why I haven’t announced a cast of actors (that and it might present a spoiler or two).  It’s cumbersome to not have something as obvious as ‘what state will the movie be made’ nailed down, but it’s one of the elements that goes into making art from the ground up.  That’s part of what makes this experiment just that: an experiment.

And that’s part of why I am so grateful for your help.

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