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Rhest for the Wicked Short Film

Rhest is coming to film!

As some of you heard at MAGFest this passed weekend (which was a huge blast, more on that next week), the Rhest for the Wicked Short Film Kickstarter is GO!  You can check out the formal page here and sign up to contribute!

The short film is not Rhest for the Wicked proper, of course.  The first novel staring Rhest would be too complicated and too demanding for a short film.  Instead, I have set-up a project that will see a very small, intimate-even 3-person movie that will introduce the world to Rhest and give us an idea of the kind of world he inhabits.  It will be a simple, original story with some action, some laughs, and just a little bit of emotion.

The premise of this project isn’t to release some award-winning short film that can be taken to the festival circuit (although we aren’t ruling that out, either).  It’s about two things: establishing the Rhest franchise as a viable video series (film, TV, web series, etc) and also about helping some up-and-comers get some work.

Being friends with actors of stage, screen, and voice-over persuasions, I am acutely aware of how hard it can be to line up work, especially unique and appealing work.  The purpose of this project is about trying to do just that: generate some work.  This is going to be a fun, short-term project that can hopefully move some resumes and land some auditions.  I have the good fortune to not need a payday so every dime of this Kickstarter is going to the production and the people who will realize this film.

Currently two production studios have expressed interest.  The location and timing of the shooting will be determined by the Kickstarter’s success, but we’re probably looking to have the project completed by the end of Summer 2019 at the latest.  More details as we go.

Please note that this project is ONLY six weeks long.  It will conclude Valentine’s Day Weekend (Saturday February 16th, specifically).  So if you want to help make this film happen, if you want to contribute to some work and to help move some new stories into the public consciousness, then please consider contributing a few dollars and also sharing this project.


Stay tuned for more information on the Kickstarter, as well as post-MAGFest results next week.

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