Blog 2018

RVA Shopping Guide

Got a reader in your family?  Want to get them some quality literature?  Or maybe some mid-tier literature?  Then look no further than the writings of Robert V Aldrich (me).

Do they like Deadpool, Fortnite, and zombie movies?  Give them a copy of Rhest for the Wicked.

Do they like Children of Men, Ex Machina, and Her?  Samifel is the order of the day.

Godzilla, Transformers, and Hunger Games?  RocKaiju is what they need.

Superheroes, cosplay, and comics in general?  Proton is the way to go.

All books are available as ebooks and in print.  Click the links above or get them wherever books are sold…wherever that is these days.


Happy Holidays!

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