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I don’t care for social media outrage.  I don’t like getting involved in the machinations of movie studios and other giant industries.  While I appreciate they are corporations, I subscribe to the (perhaps naïve) notion that they are producers of art and I am inclined to leave artists alone.  I don’t want to tell a painter what to paint or not paint, I will support/not support them with my interest and approval.  But my input beforehand, and definitely demands being made on them, is something I prefer to avoid.

That said, ‘Movie Bob’ Chipman wrote a terrific essay going through the matter, and making the case for why James Gunn being fired from Guardians of the Galaxy is less about artistic and corporate matters and more about (to use his term) political terrorism.

I don’t care to rehash the whole matter.  I’d encourage you to read Movie Bob’s post (found here) and then decide for yourself.  I enjoyed the Guardians of the Galaxy movies well enough, but wasn’t as bowled over by them as many other fans.  I don’t particularly like (or dislike) Gunn as a director.  No, for me, my interest in this matter is more social, more political, and more basic.

Nazis want him fired.

When Wolfenstein 2 was released last year, there was an outcry against it from Nazi and Nazi-adjacent groups.  When reached for comment, Bethesda PR Director put it best when he said of Nazis, “Fuck those guys.”



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