Difference of Opinion

I love different opinions.

It fascinates me to hear how people see matters.  I’m listening to a lot of interviews and podcasts with old wrestlers.  Superstar Billy Graham and Bruno Sammartino are two of my favorites currently.  I’m fascinated by their radically different views.

Bruno was a big, powerful man with a bulky physique but not exactly a defined body.  If he lifted his arms, you could see his serratus but that was due to his mass and size, not any levels of body fat.  He came from a strict wrestling background, as well as plenty of fighting early on (he was a war refugee and immigrated to America from Italy as a child who barely spoke English, and kids can be brutal).  He also had a background in powerlifting and Olympic lifting, with some calisthenics thrown in.  He was a clean-cut guy who never did any chemical enhancement.

Superstar was very different.  Superstar came from a more traditional American background (boxing and football).  He was all about the bodybuilding.  He was all about the physique and as well as the steroids.

Both men were huge successes and tremendously accomplished.  Both men were great wrestlers in most every sense, and were also tremendously strong.  They approached training very differently, and took care of their bodies in very different ways.  Their work ethics, too, did not contrast or clash but were decidedly different.  Graham followed the money.  Sammartino was definitely interested in providing for his family, but loyalty to his fellows and his fans took precedence over a payday more than once.

The different views are fascinating.  I love to hear about their training, about their matches, about their lives around their work for which they are so revered.  It’s neat to hear them side by side, and consider what they’re saying and try to understand their perspective.  It’s even neat (with the magic of the internet) to hear interviews from across the years and hear how they’ve changed or how they’ve remained consistent.

I like to seek out different viewpoints.  I like to hear opposite sides, and I would encourage others to do the same.  No matter what you believe, ask ‘who believes the opposite’ and find out why.  It’s through this method that I left the ultra-popular and prolific world of body building-style of training and embraced kettlebells, and through which I discovered the strong arts (power lifting, Olympic lifting, etc).  It’s through this method that I discovered many of the philosophers that I’ve enjoyed reading (even if I enjoy them just because I yell at their every assertion).  It’s through this method that I’ve discovered new artists and new methods of art, and even new writers.

If every rule can be broken, look for not only those who espouse the rules, but those who break them.  Odds are, there’s a lot to learn from both.


Note, I said I love different views and viewpoints.  These are opinions.  There are not different facts.  Facts are empirical and the only way facts can be contested is in their completeness or accuracy.

There are no alternative facts.  Alternative facts are lies.


What are your views?
Who do you know who believes the opposite?

Do you think they’re wrong, or merely see the world differently?

It’s always worth considering.

Published by Robert V Aldrich

Author. Speaker. Cancer Researcher. Martial Artist. Illustrator. Cat dad. Nerd.

2 thoughts on “Difference of Opinion

  1. I believe the way to enlightenment is being able to see both sides without forming an opinion.

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