MAGFest!!!  This weekend!!!

Hello! Welcome to 2017! Here’s to hoping it’s a better year than 2016. I think we say that every year. I came across a post on Facebook back in 2014 where I was saying the same about 2013, so there’s certainly a cyclical nature to it all. Hindsight is always cynical and frightening in the short-term, I suppose. But none of that matters right now because this weekend is MAGFEST!!!

If you don’t know what MAGFest is, A) shame on you and B) it’s the greatest thing to happen to the world since light. Seriously, Prometheus brought us fire specifically so that we could use it to create technology, culminating not in the space race, 3D printers, automated food production, and water purification, but so we could bask in the greatness that is THE GREATEST PARTY IN THE WORLD.

MAGFest, or home as some of us call it, is a four-day festival/convention/party on the border of Maryland and Virginia because one state simply cannot hold this much awesome. MAGFest is the spawning ground of hope and it’s where Santa Claus vacations after his one day of work, the lazy wanker.
The Music And Gaming Festival kicks off this Thursday and I will be there, promoting my books, taking pre-orders for my newest novel, hyping my website (the one you are at currently), and hosting panels. What panels you ask?

On Thursday, at 7pm in Panels 4, will be SUNDERING FANDOM. I will be discussing casual gamers opposite hardcore gamers and about the increasing gap between them. I’ll also be discussing those gamers that fall between the two and how we really all should get along better.

Friday, at 10am also in Panels 4, is INTRO TO COMPETITIVE GAMING. Esports are a thing now and they can be a lot of fun. As such, I’m giving this panel to discuss exactly what watching esports is like and how one can go about following their favorite league or team. Written from personal experience, I expect there to be a lot of trash-talking which is always a delight.
Also on Friday, at 1pm in the Arena, I will be a panelist on GAMER FITNESS. Built on the success of panels like Cosplay Fitness and Yoga for Gamers, this will be a discussion by a panel of exercise enthusiasts and experts as we talk about how to apply what we’ve learned through gaming to topics like fitness, exercise, dieting, and the like. Viewing exercise as level-grinding, the best way to build a healthier diet, common sense fitness goals, and many other topics will be discussed. Also, many a question will be answered by a diverse panel, everything from dancers to MMA coaches, gymnasts to barbell enthusiasts.

And finally, on Saturday at 6:30pm in Panels 3, will be TOP TEN EPISODES OF TRANSFORMERS. This top ten countdown will cover everything from Gen-1 and the Japanese series (Headmasters, Masterforce, and Victory), through Beast Wars and Machines, and even the first half of 2001’s Robots in Disguise. For those of you who attended last year’s presentation, the list has changed considerably so check it out to see if your favorite episode is on the list!
So yeah. About fifty hours until MAGFest starts. Excited hardly does it justice.

Published by Robert V Aldrich

Author. Speaker. Cancer Researcher. Martial Artist. Illustrator. Cat dad. Nerd.

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